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Adams Morgan Neighborhood 11Adams Morgan: A Quiet Neighborhood With a Vibrant Nightlife Does Exist

Adams Morgan is a unique neighborhood in Washington D.C. in that it suits a wide range of tastes. This is the reason why the community is so diverse in terms of resident cultures and ages. Adams Morgan offers the quiet, residential feel that many older adults desire, alongside the vibrant nightlife, fun amenities, and local activities so preferred by young professionals.

In 2014, Adams Morgan was named one of the “10 Great Neighborhoods in America” by the American Planning Association. Housing in Adams Morgan consists largely of historic 19th and 20th century row houses and apartments.

Adams Morgan Neighborhood 12Home Ownership vs. Renting in Adams Morgan

In Adams Morgan, 65.4 percent of the population are renters, according to AreaVibes. The median home price is $529,538, which is slightly higher than Washington D.C.’s average and 187 percent higher than the national average. Meanwhile, the median rent in this neighborhood is $1,803, which is 90 percent higher than the national average. The most popular home style in Adams Morgan is contemporary, which offers residents a sleek look with a modern design.

The cost of living is also higher here, with a score of 159 compared to D.C.’s 152 average. The median household income in Adams Morgan is $101,976 and the unemployment rate is 3.4 percent, compared to Washington D.C.’s 6 percent unemployment rate.

Adams Morgan Neighborhood 13Transportation, Parking, and Commuting in Adams Morgan

The Adams Morgan neighborhood sits in the heart of Washington D.C., so it’s the perfect place to live if you seek easy access to just about anywhere in the city. It’s located north of Dupont Circle, south of Mt. Pleasant, east of Kalorama, and west of Columbia Heights.

With four bus lines serving the neighborhood, public transportation is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get around, or to and from work. The closest Metro Stations are Woodley-Park Zoo/Adams Morgan and U Street-Cordozo. On-street parking is available in Adams Morgan during the day, but on Friday and Saturday evenings, it can be almost impossible to find a space.

Adams Morgan is also a very walkable neighborhood, with everything you need within walking distance in most cases. This, along with the public transportation options, means that owning a car in Adams Morgan isn’t a necessity, although driving remains the most popular means of getting around the neighborhood.

Adams Morgan Neighborhood 14Outdoor Activities in the Adams Morgan Area

Adams Morgan holds an annual outdoor Farmers Market on Saturday mornings from May to December. The market is an excellent place to purchase fresh, locally-sourced fruits, vegetables, and proteins. The Farmers Market is located at 18th Street and Columbia Road.

If you’re looking for a respite from the concrete jungle, then Meridian Hill Park is where you’ll want to visit. The park offers 12 acres of green spaces, the longest basin cascading fountain in North America, and the Joan of Arc Statue at the intersection of 16th and Euclid Streets.

On the second Sunday in September, the neighborhood holds its annual Adams Morgan Day celebration. This one-time block party has exploded in popularity, turning into a festival that now welcomes more than 300,000 visitors each year.

Adams Morgan Neighborhood 15Family-Friendly Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan is a nice community to raise a family, but the area is most attractive to young, single professionals. Just 28 percent of the population is made up of families with children under 18 years of age. Compared with the rest of Washington D.C., Adams Morgan has a lower crime rate and is a much safer place to live.

The schools in and around Adams Morgan are decent in terms of quality, but this is not so much a neighborhood issue as it is a citywide problem. According to AreaVibes, School Without Walls High School has the area’s highest proficiency rate at 86 percent. The remainder of the K-12 schools in this area rank no higher than 75 percent.

Adams Morgan Neighborhood 16Adams Morgan’s Lively Social Scene

The social scene is Adams Morgan is considered by many to be the liveliest in all of Washington D.C. The steadfast blues bar, Madam’s Organ, is as close as you can get to a legendary watering hole, and it has served as the neighborhood’s anchor bar for more than 30 years. You’ll find live music and stiff drinks here every night of the week.

The Black Squirrel is another staple bar in Adams Morgan. It has a fun and casual vibe, more than 100 beers and ales, and delicious weekly food specials. Or, for sheer enthusiasm, you’ll want to check out Grand Central. It sports three levels, three bars, a dance floor, DJ music, sports tournaments, and HD televisions throughout. With so many bars, clubs, and late-night hangouts in Adams Morgan, you’ll never get bored with the neighborhood’s social scene.


Dogs on leash.

Adams Morgan Neighborhood 17Pet Lovers Are Definitely Welcome in Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan’s walkability makes it ideal for walking your dog, and the neighborhood even has pet-friendly apartments and restaurants where your pet will be welcome. For instance, Brothers and Sisters and Lapis are two popular dog-friendly eateries, while your pooch is welcome on the patio at The Diner.

If you’re moving to Adams Morgan or will be adopting a pet while living there, the standard pet laws apply, which always include picking up your pet’s waste and keeping your pet leashed when out of the home. Foregoing either of these laws will cost you a fine up to $2,000 if you’re caught. When walking through the city, it’s recommended for your pet to be on a shorter leash in order to avoid trip hazards.

Adams Morgan Neighborhood 16Culture and Art in Adams Morgan

With such a culturally-diverse population, it makes sense for Adams Morgan to have plenty of cultural and artistic attractions available for residents and visitors alike. The District of Columbia Arts Center is close to the neighborhood. The center not only offers a venue for emerging artists to showcase their works and performances, but it also hosts classes and gallery space.

The Patricia M. Sitar Center for the Arts is a community-run arts center where you can take classes in writing, dance, music, drama, and visual programs. Meanwhile, at the Latin American Youth Center and Latino Community Heritage Center, programs are available to help support the academic and social needs of the area’s Latin community. Adams Morgan is also a very reader-friendly neighborhood; the area contains as many as 20 libraries and bookstores.

Adams Morgan Neighborhood 19Adams Morgan Is Foodie Heaven

If you consider yourself a foodie, then you’ll find plenty to keep you happy and satiated in Adams Morgan. For starters, the neighborhood is home to the Michelin-starred Tail Up Goat, the comfort food paradise Roofers Union, and the Middle Eastern-inspired Mama Ayesha’s.

Other popular destinations for food lovers include the minimalistic Japanese restaurant Sakuramen, the French restaurant Mintwood Place, and the Federalist Pig, which is home to arguably the best BBQ in D.C. There are also plenty of coffee shops in the area. Whether you want a cup of joe and a table for your laptop or you just want to grab a cup and go, Philz Coffee and Tryst are two of the favorites among the locals.

Adams Morgan Neighborhood 20Shopaholic Opportunities in Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan is the type of neighborhood where your shopping is done at locally-owned and operated stores and boutiques. If you love shopping for anything vintage, then this is definitely the place for you. There’s a good selection of vintage clothing stores in Adams Morgan, with Meeps and Vintage No. 5 being among the best.

For just about everything else, there’s Urban Dwell, which has all your home décor and accessories handled; and Bazaar Atlas, which has something for everyone. Idle Time Books is an eclectic bookstore where you can find over 50,000 books, records, CDs, and more; it’s been a local favorite since 1981.



Planning Association Names Adams Morgan One of the 10 Great Neighborhoods in America

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