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Anacostia Neighborhood 11Historic Anacostia: A Neighborhood on Its Way Up

Over the last decade, the Historic Anacostia neighborhood has experienced a rebirth thanks to investors, a thriving art scene, and a tight-knit community that continues to champion for their beloved neighborhood.

Today, Historic Anacostia is quickly gaining ground as a top-tier consideration for those relocating to the nation’s capital, so much in fact that it was named D.C.’s neighborhood of the year by Curbed.

Anacostia Neighborhood 12Home Ownership vs Renting in Historic Anacostia

Renters make up 79 percent of Historic Anacostia’s population in part because the rent here averages $831 per month, over $100 less than the national average. On the other hand, the median home in Historic Anacostia is valued at $316,321, which is almost double the national average. Cost of living is considerably lower here with a score of 114 compared to D.C.’s average of 152 and the median household income in this neighborhood is $19,531. The most popular home style in Anacostia is the classic Victorian-style row house.

Anacostia Neighborhood 13Transportation and Commuting in Historic Anacostia

Historic Anacostia is well-served by public transportation and it’s also a very walkable neighborhood. With most errands able to be completed on foot, owning a car isn’t a necessity if you live here. The neighborhood is served by the Metrorail’s Green, Blue, Orange, and Silver lines as well as six bus lines, so you’re never too far away from a source of transportation for your commute.

Anacostia Neighborhood 14Outdoor Activities in Historic Anacostia

One thing that surprises most people about Historic Anacostia is the amount of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed here. The neighborhood rests along the Anacostia River, so there’s ample opportunities for enjoying yourself by or in the water. Every April, the community holds its Anacostia River Festival, which actually serves as the final event for the three-week-long National Cherry Blossom Festival. The festivals are filled with live music, food, art projects, fishing workshops, and more.

People flying kites at festival.

Historic Anacostia is also very bikeable and partakes in the Capital Bikeshare and Bike and Roll bicycle rental systems. The ride along Frederick Douglass Memorial or 11th Street bridges to the east side of the river and the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail are particularly scenic, and many of the city’s bike trails pass through the beautiful Kenilworth Park and Gardens. You’ll also find several pieces of outdoor art to capture your attention in this community, like the Journey Anacostia sculpture, the Big Chair, and dozens of murals.

Anacostia Neighborhood 15Historic Anacostia’s Art & Culture

Historic Anacostia is proud of its heritage and a lot of that pride is represented in its art and culture scene. The Frederick Douglass National Historic Site is one of the most revered cultural and historic landmarks – not only in this neighborhood, but also in all of Washington D.C.

Other points of interest include the Honfleur Gallery, the Anacostia Community Museum (which is part of the Smithsonian Institute), the Anacostia Arts Center, and the Anacostia Playhouse. The community is also home to Project Create and the Anacostia Skating Pavilion.

Anacostia Neighborhood 16Family-friendly Historic Anacostia

At one time in the distant past, families might consider moving to another neighborhood besides Historic Anacostia, but these days are different. With less crime and more family-friendly features, families are once again discovering the beauty and opportunity this neighborhood represents.

Anacostia Park is a family favorite with its pirate ship playground, outdoor roller-skating rink, eleven tennis courts, a soccer field, three basketball courts, and more. The neighborhood is also bordered on its east side by two other parks, Fort Stanton Park and Fort Circle Park.

In mid-2019, the city is also planning on unveiling its newly renovated $45 million 11th Street Bridge Park, which will feature an environmental education center, public art displays, play areas, an amphitheater, kayak and canoe launches, and a restaurant. It’ll be the first elevated park in Washington D.C., and it will play a major role in Historic Anacostia’s continued growth.

Anacostia Neighborhood 17Living With a Pet in Historic Anacostia

With its strong walkability score, Historic Anacostia is an accommodating community if you own a dog. Many of the area apartments are pet-friendly and the Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens is one of the most popular places in town to take a scenic stroll with your dog. If you’re moving to D.C. with a pet, just be aware that you’ll always need to keep her on a leash when out and about and up-to-date on her shots.

Anacostia Neighborhood 18Great Eateries in Historic Anacostia

At one time, Historic Anacostia was known as Uniontown, and the popular Uniontown Bar & Grill pays tribute to its history by serving southern staples like fried catfish sandwiches, chicken and waffles, and more. More recently, Nürish Food + Drink has been making a name for itself among foodies with its French-inspired cuisine and its somewhat hidden location in the back corner of the Arts Center.

The Center is also home to Artdrenaline Café, which serves one of the best and most scenic Sunday brunches in the area. For seafood, you can’t do much better than Capitol Hill Crab Cakes and Caribbean Citations is best for dishes like jerk chicken, curry goat, and oxtail. Historic Anacostia has everything you’ll ever want to indulge in, ranging from great pizza to healthy juices.

Anacostia Neighborhood 19Fabulous Shopping in Historic Anacostia

Along with its burgeoning food scene, Historic Anacostia is also become one of D.C.’s shopping hot spots. Nubian Hueman is a popular ethnic clothing and beauty boutique where you can find vibrant and colorful clothing from upcoming and local designers, handmade soaps, jewelry, natural beard oils, and more.

The area is also home to several vintage clothing stores, like Bespoke Not Broke and Vintage & Charmed. For books and art, visit The Den inside the Anacostia Arts Center. This place is a reading room and artist exchange designed to promote individual artists, artisans, arts educators, and small theater companies.


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