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Bloomingdale Neighborhood 12Great Living for Millennials in Bloomingdale 

The Bloomingdale neighborhood in the Northwest quadrant of Washington D.C. lies just two miles North of the Capitol building, the National Mall, and many of the other several noteworthy attractions of our nation’s capital. Bloomingdale is one of the best neighborhoods in the city for young people, as it features amazing nightlife, tons of great restaurants, and a terrific standard of living.

Bloomingdale may not be the most affordable or the most posh neighborhood in the city, but it’s comfortable enough, safe enough, and affordable enough to attract young professionals, artists, and young families.

In terms of its size, the neighborhood is only two blocks wide and eighteen blocks long (at its longest). North Capitol Street forms the neighborhood’s eastern border, and Florida Avenue demarcates the southern boundary. Second Street, Bryant, and Channing reside along its western and northern borders, and the Bloomingdale neighborhood is also bisected by Rhode Island Avenue.

Bloomingdale Neighborhood 13Home Ownership & Home Preference in Bloomingdale

The median home value in Bloomingdale is north of $650,000, and despite the relatively high prices, the majority of residents own (61 percent) rather than rent (39 percent). This is due in part because the median rent in the neighborhood is more than two and a half times the national average, and there’s a general lack of apartment buildings in the immediate area. Homes in this trendy neighborhood are typically the classic Victorian-style row houses.

One of several shots of historic Victorian homes in Washington, D.C.

The median household income in the neighborhood is just over $100,000, with most residents having at least a bachelor’s degree, and more than a third having an advanced degree of some sort. Bloomingdale really is a place for young professional Millennials to put down roots and enjoy a slice of what the city has to offer.

Bloomingdale Neighborhood 14Getting to and From Work and School in Bloomingdale

Given that the neighborhood is located only two miles from the National Mall and even closer to downtown, Howard University, and Gallaudet University, commute times for neighborhood residents are extremely short. In fact, a wide swath of the central city is easily walkable from Bloomindale, or within reach of a short bike commute. Even Georgetown University is only seventeen minutes away by car.

Bloomingdale enjoys a rare trifecta of great scores for its livability when it comes to commuting and getting around the neighborhood. Its walk score is a near perfect 94, while its transit score is an excellent 80 and its bike score is a very attractive 83.

Several bus routes bisect the neighborhood and can take transit commuters and those who may be out for a day of shopping or sightseeing just about anywhere they wish to go, directly. The neighborhood is also served by the North Capitol Street and Rhode Island Avenue Metro Station, and has another nearby metro station within easy walking distance by Howard University.

Bloomingdale Neighborhood 15Outdoor Activities in Bloomingdale

Given the small size of Washington D.C.’s Bloomingdale neighborhood, one would not necessarily expect there to be a tremendous amount of options when it comes to getting outdoors for a little activity. But as it so happens, there are several options for getting in a little outdoor exercise or relaxation – both within the neighborhood, and just outside of it, too

Inside Bloomingdale, there is only one park, Crispus Attucks Park, named for the first American killed in the American Revolution, and it’s known primarily for its green space. The park runs a full city block near the center of Bloomingdale, and stands as a testament to what can be done by a small, dedicated group of neighborhood residents bent on revitalizing a green space in their neighborhood.

While Bloomingdale’s Crispus Attucks Park may not have running trails, courts, or any of the amenities you can find at other nearby parks, it does have beautiful trees, flowering shrubs, and other greenery to enjoy. Locals also call the park by the names, “The Cave Yard” and “The Secret Park.”

Nearby Bloomingdale, residents and visitors will find several other green spaces and public parks where you can get in a little outdoor activity without having to drive somewhere far away. Prospect Hill Cemetery, and the green spaces at McKinley Technology High School and Howard University are all within a quick walk from the neighborhood, as are The Park at LeDroit, and McMillan Reservoir.

Bloomingdale is also near several workout facilities, including Solidcore Shaw, the American Parkour Academy, Primal Fitness, Orangetheory Fitness, Total Source Fitness, the Downtown Boxing Club, Total Fitness, the Trinity Center for Women and Girls in Shorts, and many others.

Bloomingdale Neighborhood 16Family-Friendly Bloomingdale

The Bloomingdale neighborhood is one of the more family-friendly neighborhoods in central D.C., despite its lack of a playground (the nearest is two blocks away at The Park at LeDroit) or community center. Several schools serve the neighborhood, and as mentioned above, Bloomingdale is also located very close to Howard University.

The public schools serving Bloomingdale include Harmony Public Charter Schools, Washington Metropolitan High School, McKinley Technology High School, Dunbar High School, and Maya Angelou PCS: Shaw High School.

In terms of safety, Bloomingdale is considered to be reasonably safe for an inner-city neighborhood, with violent and property crime rates well under national numbers for most categories. Property crimes and robberies are a factor that keeps some area residents concerned about crime, but overall, Bloomingdale enjoys a relative lack of crime that makes it more family-friendly than many other neighborhoods in the District.

Bloomingdale Neighborhood 17The Social Scene in Bloomingdale

Bloomingdale isn’t typically known as being the best neighborhood in the city for Millennials because it has relatively scarce nightlife options. And, while many of the popular bars and clubs that residents frequent may not be within the neighborhood’s boundaries, they’re close enough to the neighborhood for easy access without making the neighborhood less safe or noisy at night.

As for what’s located in Bloomingdale, most of the neighborhood’s bars are clustered around the intersection of Rhode Island and 1st, with a few others scattered throughout the neighborhood. For a great whiskey list and gastropub-style food offerings, residents hit up The Pub & The People or Boundary Stone; for Mediterranean fare and wine, they head to the Tyber Creek Wine Bar and Kitchen; and for low-key music in a lounge setting, neighborhood locals make their way to the Showtime Lounge.

Bloomingdale Neighborhood 18Pet Lovers Guide to Bloomingdale

The Bloomingdale neighborhood is a great place to have a dog or other pets. In addition to the green spaces mentioned above, which make for great destinations to walk a dog on any given day, there is also nearby Gage Eckington Dog Park at The Park at LeDroit. As for pet stores in the area, Unleashed by Petco is located just a few blocks from the southern boundary of the neighborhood.

If you’ll be moving a dog into the Bloomingdale area, or plan to get one after you relocate, make sure to acquaint yourself with the standard pet laws of the District. Failing to clean up after your pet or allowing your dog to go leash-less off your property can carry a steep fine in Washington D.C.

Bloomingdale Neighborhood 19Senior Living in Bloomingdale

Because of its proximity to downtown and many of the amenities that make the nation’s capital a great place to live, Bloomingdale is a wonderful place for retirees and seniors, even if there are no actual senior centers or senior communities nestled within the boundaries of the neighborhood.

Bloomingdale enjoys relative proximity to the Zion Baptist Senior Day Center, the Bernice Elizabeth Fontenau Senior Wellness Center, the Model Cities Senior Wellness Center, the Hayes Senior Wellness Center, and the Eofula Espanish Senior Center, all in adjacent neighborhoods. The neighborhood is also very close to both the Howard University Hospital and the Washington Medical Center.

Bloomingdale Neighborhood 20Culture & Arts in the Neighborhood

While Bloomindale has no museums within its borders, it’s a very short walk from some of the best museums and cultural attractions in the entire world. Within two miles of the neighborhood, you’ll find more than twenty museums and art galleries, including the Smithsonian, the National Building Museum, the National Geographic Museum, the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian, and many others.

Additionally, just north of the neighborhood is The Arts Walk at the Monroe street Market, a collection of galleries and performance spaces that provide work space for resident artists and host smaller shows, concerts, and performances of all types.

Bloomingdale Neighborhood 21Bloomingdale Foodie Rating

In addition to the great neighborhood bars mentioned above under nightlife, Bloomingdale residents have easy access to some of the city’s best restaurants, both within the neighborhood, and also nearby. Neighborhood favorites include Bacio Pizzeria’s creative pies, Big Bear Cafe’s coffee new American food, Red Hen’s rustic Italian cooking, the Thai food at Aroi, and the DCity Smokehouse’s BBQ.

There’s little need to leave the neighborhood in order to enjoy a great meal, but if you did want to venture out, most of the city’s best restaurants are nearby, in adjacent neighborhoods.

Bloomingdale Neighborhood 22Shopaholic Opportunities in DC’s Bloomingdale Neighborhood

The Bloomingdale neighborhood is primarily residential, with some nicer boutiques clustered around the intersections of the major streets that bisect and border the area. The neighborhood is within easy reach of several of the city’s major shopping districts, however, including Downtown D.C., Georgetown, and the U Street/14th Street area.

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