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Capitol View Neighborhood 11A Neighborhood on the Rise in Southeast DC

The Capitol View neighborhood is located in Southeast Washington, along East Capitol Street. It’s bordered by the East Capitol in the North, Central Avenue SE in the South and Southwest, and Southern Avenue SE in the Southeast. It’s  a relatively new neighborhood, having been mostly farmland until the 1930s. It was named for the distant view of the Capitol Building on the western skyline.

The neighborhood went through some challenges through the 80s and 90s, but has seen some development since the turn of the 21st century and is beginning to gain ground in terms of quality housing and neighborhood amenities. These days, where once dilapidated housing projects towered over troubled streets, residents are now enjoying mixed used developments brought about by a public partnership with private developers.

Capitol View Neighborhood 12

Home Ownership & Home Preference in Capitol View

This neighborhood is nearly evenly divided between homeowners and renters. Home prices, while over the national median, are still quite reasonable for the D.C. area. The median home value in Capitol View is $264,272 and median rent is just over the national average at $949. The Victorian-style, Italianate, and federal styles are the most popular architectural finishes in this area.

Neighborhood residents enjoy a median household income of just under $50,000 and are reasonably well educated. 44 percent of Capitol View’s inhabitants have at least some college education. This neighborhood is also one of the city’s more diverse, with a majority African-American population.

Capitol View Neighborhood 13Commute Information: Getting to and From Work and School

Residents of Capitol View enjoy relatively short commutes to the center of the city and the government offices around the Capitol Building. By car, the average commute to central Washington is only 20-to-25 minutes. On the Blue or Silver line of the DC Metro, it only takes about 45 minutes to get downtown from the neighborhood. The neighborhood enjoys a reasonable walkscore (65), transit score (62), and bike score (56).

Commute times to Georgetown University, Howard University and other, slightly more distant parts of Central D.C. are longer, but still quite reasonable. There are no major employers in the neighborhood. Most residents commute to other parts of the city for work or education beyond high school. The neighborhood is served by the Capitol Heights Metro Station just east of the neighborhood boundary, and the Benning Road Metro Station in the West of the neighborhood.

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Outdoor Activities in Capitol View

Opportunities for outdoor recreation within the neighborhood are limited. The neighborhood’s only public green space surrounds the East Capitol Community Center and, while it’s a good place to enjoy some time outside, doesn’t really provide much space for outdoor activities. The same can be said for the only green space bordering the neighborhood – the lawn surrounding the Kelly Miller Recreation Center in the adjacent neighborhood of Lincoln Heights.

Thankfully, there are a handful of public parks deeper into adjacent neighborhoods. Residents of Capitol View can get to Marvin Gaye Park, also in Lincoln Heights; the Watts Branch Playground in the Northeast Boundary neighborhood; and a few other options in nearby Marshall Heights, without having to walk or bike too far.

As far as indoor recreation or working out goes, neighborhood residents can get a workout in just a few blocks outside the neighborhood at Your Body Your Business in Marshall Heights, or the HD Woodson Aquatic Center, just a few minutes north of the neighborhood.

Capitol View Neighborhood 15Family-Friendly Capitol View

While family is very important in Capitol View, and 23 percent of households have school aged children living at home, neighborhood crime statistics and a general lack of amenities geared toward children make this a more challenging neighborhood in which to raise kids. That said, the neighborhood community center, a large public playground, and the aquatic center (mentioned above) located in adjacent neighborhoods, give local kids something to do outside the home.

The neighborhood is home to two schools: DC Scholars Public Charter School and Shadd Elementary School. There are also a couple of other schools directly across East Capitol Street from the neighborhood (Maya Angelou Public Charter School and Evans Middle School). Maryland Park Junior High School and H.D. Woodson High School are also nearby.

Capitol View Neighborhood 16The Social Scene in Capitol View

There are no bars or clubs located in the Capitol View neighborhood. Residents looking for a night on the town must travel to find it, and the closest bar to the neighborhood (Our Spot Bar and Grill) is two miles to the south of Capitol View.

Capitol View Neighborhood 17Pet Lovers and the Capitol View Neighborhood

Capitol View is not terribly hospitable to pets and pet owners. As mentioned above, there are few public green spaces in or near the neighborhood, and there are no pet-oriented business in the neighborhood either. The closest dog park to Capitol View is in the center of the city, and the nearest pet stores take 10-to-15 minutes to reach by car.

That said, many of the homes in the neighborhood have some kind of yard. So, provided you’re not in an apartment or have a dog that requires time off leash, owning a dog or other pet in this neighborhood is definitely workable. But, if you’re moving to Capitol View with a dog, or intend to get one once you relocate, make sure to acquaint yourself with the District’s pet laws, as failure to comply with them can be very expensive.

Capitol View Neighborhood 18Senior Living in Capitol View

Seniors and retirees living in Capitol View may not have many amenities in the neighborhood beyond senior-oriented programming at the community center, but there are many options for them if they are willing to travel to adjacent neighborhoods.

There are several senior communities and assisted living facilities in adjacent neighborhoods. Also, seniors will find the Woodson Senior Recreation Center, Deanwood Rehab and Wellness Center, and several other senior-oriented facilities within a quick drive or ride on public transit.

Shot of the inside of the Deanwood Rehabilitation and Wellness Center.

Via Deanwood Rehabilitation and Wellness Center.

Capitol View Neighborhood 19Culture & Arts in the Neighborhood

While there may not be any arts organizations, performing arts venues, galleries, or museums in the neighborhood, the larger arts community of Southeast D.C. is bustling, and there are plenty of opportunities for neighborhood residents to enjoy and participate in cultural events and the arts in the area. Additionally, to the north of Capitol View in the Northeast Boundary neighborhood, Sign of the Times Art Center hosts arts workshops for children, teens, and seniors on a revolving, year-round basis.

Capitol View Neighborhood 20Foodie Rating

With only a handful of restaurants within its boundaries and a general lack of restaurants in neighboring areas, Capitol View residents are largely left with few options when it comes to dining out. That said, the three restaurants that are in the neighborhood are well reviewed by those who patronize them. Capital Szechuan on Capitol Street SE is great for late night take-out. Rosebuds BBQ on Central Avenue SE is fantastic for take-out barbecue, and Bally’s Carry Out is a good place to get a little comfort food on the go.

Capitol View Neighborhood 21Shopaholic Opportunities

The neighborhood has one adjoining commercial district. At the intersection of Central Avenue SE and East Capitol Street SE, you’ll find the Benco Shopping Center. The development and surrounding area provide neighborhood residents with several essential services, as well as a DMV branch and a gas station across the street. The nearest mall or shopping district to the neighborhood is the CVS-Addison a couple of miles to the east at the junction of Addison Road S and Central Avenue.


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