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Cathedral Heights Neighborhood 1 The Best of DC in Cathedral Heights

Cathedral Heights is roundly considered by residents and visitors alike to be one of the best places to live in the District. Cathedral Heights residents enjoy a terrific mix of green spaces, developed shopping areas, fantastic restaurants and bars, and an excellent overall quality of life. The majority of neighborhood residents own their homes and the Cathedral Heights has an eclectic mix of retirees, young professionals, and families. It may not be the most racially-diverse area of the city, but it has many great amenities.

The neighborhood lies just north of Westchester; east of Wesley Heights and Westover Place; south of Tenleytown; and west of McLean Gardens in the Northwest quadrant of Washington. The neighborhood’s borders are New Mexico Avenue NW in the West and South, Garfield Street NW in the South, Massachusetts Avenue NW and 39th Street NW in East and Van Ness Street NW in the North.

The neighborhood is made up of a mix of older architecture and recent developments, including some tower condos. Cathedral Heights is bisected by the Northern third of Glover Archbold Park and Massachusetts Avenue NW.

Cathedral Heights Neighborhood 2Home Ownership/Home Preference in Cathedral Heights

A strong majority of Cathedral Heights residents prefer to own their own home or condo, rather than to rent. The median home value for the neighborhood is just over $650,000, while median rent is more than double the national average at $2,225. The Victorian, Italianate, and Tudor-style homes are the most popular in this neighborhood.

This neighborhood is one of the least racially-and-economically-diverse neighborhoods in the D.C. area, with most residents (57 percent) having achieved a Master’s degree or higher level of education and enjoying an median household income of more than $110,000.

Cathedral Heights Neighborhood 3Commute Information: Getting to and From Work and School

Residents of this neighborhood enjoy easy commutes to the Georgetown area and Georgetown University, as well as Howard University. Additionally, Downtown D.C. and the National Mall are only 10-to-15 minutes away by car, and only a half hour by bicycle.

The neighborhood enjoys a very walkable rating with a walk score of 78. It also enjoys a somewhat bikeable rating of 47, and a good transit score of 52. There are several bus lines that serve Cathedral Heights, but the nearest D.C. Metro stations are either north in Tenleytown or the University of the District of Columbia, several minutes walk away. Good thing for residents that the neighborhood has just about anything you could want.

Cathedral Heights Neighborhood 4 Outdoor Activities in Cathedral Heights

This is a fantastic neighborhood for D.C. residents who enjoy getting outside for rest and relaxation. As mentioned above, there is a major green space that cuts a wide swath diagonally through the center of Cathedral Heights. Glover Archbold Park is 183 acres of inner-city natural space, with trails and streams running through it. It runs from Georgetown University all the way up through Cathedral Heights, and is a terrific place for area residents to get a little outdoor activity, enjoying a natural, undeveloped space of land right in the middle of their urban environment.

Cathedral Heights Neighborhood 5

Via National Park Plan (Photo by J.R.)

Area residents who prefer to get their activity indoors are in luck, as well. Though there are no gyms or workout facilities directly in the neighborhood, within a few blocks, there are several options to choose from. Jacobs Fitness Center in Westover Place, Solidcore and Zengo Cycle at Cathedral Commons in McClean Gardens, and Tidal Elite Performance Center in Tenleytown are just a few of the facilities in the area. 

Cathedral Heights Neighborhood 6Family-Friendly Cathedral Heights

Cathedral Heights is a terrific neighborhood in which to raise a family. The schools, a mix of religious, secular private, and public schools, in and around the neighborhood are all very highly rated and include Horace Mann Elementary School, Annunciation Catholic School, St. Albans School, Sidwell Friends School, Hearst Elementary School, the National Presbyterian School, Hardy Middle School, and Woodrow Wilson High School.

Additionally, the neighborhood is right next door to American University, which provides area kids with a multitude of enrichment opportunities. Crime in the area is considerably below national averages, which is extremely good for the Washington D.C. area. Cathedral Heights is a safe neighborhood with great schools and an abundance of opportunities for children.

Cathedral Heights Neighborhood 7The Social Scene in Cathedral Heights

The nightlife in the area surrounding Cathedral Heights is practically unparalleled in Washington D.C. Perhaps that’s why so many younger adults call the neighborhood home. Thankfully though, the majority of bars and clubs that neighborhood residents enjoy, are all in commercial districts just outside the neighborhood. This makes for quiet nights for those looking to get some rest, with bustling hubs of activity for those looking for a night on the town, just nearby.

Hot spots in the general area include, Slate Wine Bar and Bistro, Town Hall, and Breadsoda Bar, Deli, and Billiards in Westchester and Kitty O’Shea’s D.C. and the Tenley Bar and Grill in Tenleytown. But if you’re looking for night clubs and a wide variety of watering holes, your best bet is to take a bike ride or cab a few minutes down to nearby Georgetown, where some of the best nightlife in the city can be sampled.

Cathedral Heights Neighborhood 8 Pet Lovers in Cathedral Heights

If you have a dog or are planning to adopt one once you relocate to Cathedral Heights, then you’re in luck. There are very few neighborhoods in the city (any city, really) that can boast the combination of perks for pets that Cathedral Heights does. First of all, there are the miles of trails and other green space available in the park mentioned above, Glover Archbold. Furthermore, right in the center of the neighborhood is one of the city’s best off-leash dog parks, Newark St. Dog Park.

The neighborhood and surrounding area also has several shops and businesses that cater to pets and pet owner’s needs, with businesses like All Paws Pet Care, Kriser’s Natural Pet, and Pet-Cetera. But remember, just because you live in a pet’s paradise, don’t think you can afford to ignore the District’s pet laws. Failure to pick up after your pet or letting your dog off-leash in public (when not in a dog park) can carry a steep penalty.

Cathedral Heights Neighborhood 9Senior Living in Cathedral Heights

One of the reasons that Cathedral Heights has such an eclectic group of residents is that it appeals to adults of all ages. This is especially true for both young adults, retirees and seniors. The neighborhood and surrounding area has many senior centers, senior communities, and easy access to medical care.

Sunrise Senior Living operates a large senior community and senior center just outside the neighborhood and Zion Baptist Senior Day Center and Eofula Espanish Senior Center are both nearby as well. Georgetown University Hospital, George Washington Immediate and Primary Care, and Comprehensive Primary Care are all within easy reach as well.

Cathedral Heights Neighborhood 10 Culture & Arts in the Neighborhood

The Cathedral Heights neighborhood is a terrific place to live if you’re a lover of the arts. Not only is it a quick trip from some of the best museums and galleries in the world along the Washington Mall, in Georgetown, and in other parts of the nation’s capital, but it also has several fantastic cultural institutions within its boundaries or just next door.

The neighborhood is near to both American University – home of the Katzen Arts Center, the American University Museum, and the Washington Arts Group – and the Washington National Cathedral, an architectural marvel that hosts many classical and contemporary music performances throughout the year. The Kreeger Museum of Impressionist and American Art is also a quick walk from the neighborhood.

Cathedral Heights Neighborhood 11 Cathedral Heights Foodie Rating

Dining opportunities in Cathedral Heights and the surrounding area are only limited by the diner’s willingness to try new things and ability or desire to pay for them. Many of the area’s restaurants are highly-rated both by patrons and by critics. Area standouts include Barcelona Wine Bar for Spanish small plates, CAVA for Greek and Mediterranean specialties, Old Europe for classic German food, La Piquette for French, Chef Geoff’s for new American cuisine, Nando’s Peri-Peri for Portuguese, and Raku for pan-Asian faire.

Cathedral Heights Neighborhood 12Shopaholic Opportunities

While the Cathedral Heights neighborhood may not have much to offer the serious shopper within its confines, save for the bustling little commercial and condo district at Cathedral Commons, many of the city’s finest malls — Mazza Gallerie, Spring Valley Shopping Center — and the city’s best shopping districts in Georgetown and along U Street, are within easy biking or driving distance and quite reachable via mass transit.


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