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East Village Neighborhood 1Georgetown Living East of Wisconsin Ave 

The East Village neighborhood of Washington D.C. is actually only half of the Georgetown neighborhood. Taken as a whole, Georgetown is one of the most fantastic places to live in all of the District. It’s got great shopping, wonderful restaurants, an eclectic mix of old and new architecture, and so many amenities that it’s really easier to take it in two sections than to try to wrap your head around everything the entire neighborhood has to offer.

Hence the division between the East and West Villages of Georgetown-a distinction initially pioneered by real estate professionals that has grown in everyday use over the years since the 1980s. Wisconsin is its western border, the Potomac its southern, Rock Creek its eastern border, and Whitehaven Street its northern.

The dividing line between East and West is Wisconsin Avenue, a North-South main drag that roughly bisects Georgetown. And while you may find residents of one village or the other who are willing to swear that their side of Wisconsin has it all and the other side pales in comparison, most residents embrace the neighborhood as a whole when thinking or speaking of home.

The East Village of Georgetown has a strong urban feel with plenty of coffee shops, parks, boutiques, clubs, bars and restaurants for neighborhood residents to enjoy. It’s, however, one of the more sought after areas of the District and, as such, carries a higher price tag than many other parts of the city. That said, this neighborhood embodies the best of urban living in the United States in a way that can only be rivaled by the great neighborhoods of Chicago, New York, and other cosmopolitan American cities.

East Village Neighborhood 2Home Ownership & Home Preference in East Village

Whether happily inhabiting a condo or a single family home, most East Village residents own their own homes, but it’s hardly a massive majority. 44 percent of Georgetown residents rent, and the rents, while considerably higher than the national average at just under $1,700 a month, are on par or lower than they’re in comparable neighborhoods in cities like New York or San Francisco. Given all that the neighborhood and the capital itself has to offer, the East Village is a bargain for renters and homeowners alike. The most popular home style here is the Victorian row-house.

Row townhouses in Georgetown on a bright morning.

The median home value in this neighborhood is just north of $800,000. And considering that a large percentage of the homes are classics dating back to the Civil War era and before, with beautiful architecture and fantastic provenance, paying anything less than a million dollars for a home in this proximity to the National Mall, surrounded by one of the nation’s best neighborhoods seems a considerable bargain.

East Village Neighborhood 3Commute Information: Getting to and From Work and School

Getting around the East Village and from home to the various other parts of the city couldn’t be easier. The East Village of Georgetown is located just North of Downtown Washington and residents enjoy some of the easiest commutes in the city. Commuting by car to downtown Washington from the neighborhood takes as little as ten minutes. You can walk downtown in 30 minutes, and get there by transit in just over 20 minutes.

Commuting to Georgetown, Howard, or American University takes even less time. And, for many East Village residents, there’s little to no need to commute at all, unless you work outside the neighborhood. The Georgetown neighborhood as a whole enjoys a great walk score of 83, a very good transit score of 60, and very bikeable score of 73. Biking around the neighborhood is facilitated by numerous bike lanes. And just about anything a person could want is available without ever having to leave the East Village.

East Village Neighborhood 4Outdoor Activities

Residents of this neighborhood looking to get in a little outdoor recreation are in luck. There are many options for hiking, biking, and other outdoor pursuits directly in the East Village. Part of Georgetown Waterfront Park is in the lower part of neighborhood. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath runs right through the lower part of the neighborhood as well. The easternmost part of the neighborhood is home to Rose Park and the Rose Park Recreation Center, and in the North of the East Village, Dumbarton Oaks Park provides residents with plenty of outdoor activity space.

Additionally, the East Village is a terrific place to live for those looking for indoor recreation and workout facilities as well. The neighborhood is home to both Definitions Fitness Studio and Georgetown Ultimate Results. And just outside the neighborhood in Foggy Bottom to the east and the West Village to the west there are many many more options.

East Village Neighborhood 5Family-Friendly East Village

The East Village has a bit of a reputation for being a young person’s wonderland, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a terrific place to grow up or raise a family. The East Village and Georgetown as a whole make a wonderfully family friendly neighborhood, with many family oriented amenities and a low crime rate.

Also, many of the city’s top rated schools are in the East Village. The neighborhood is home to a campus of The French Maternal School, Georgetown Montessori School, the British International School, and many others, including Anna Bananas Arts and Crafts for Kids. Additionally, there are several more schools in the West Village and just east of the East Village in Foggy Bottom.

East Village Neighborhood 6The Social Scene in the East Village

There are several good reasons why Georgetown in general and the East Village in particular is known for being a great neighborhood for young people. Sure, the commute times, the shopping, and the potential for outdoor recreation are all wonderful, but the nightlife of this area is practically unparalleled.

Most of the bars and clubs in the East Village are clustered in the southern part of the neighborhood and along Wisconsin Avenue. Standouts include 1310 Kitchen and Bar for comfort food, ENO Wine Bar for international food and wine, Chez Billy Sud for French wines, The Rye Bar for serious whiskey drinking, Ri Ra Georgetown for Irish pub fair and beers, Manhattan Bar and Grill for a low-key neighborhood vibe, and The Lounge at Bourbon Steak in the Four Seasons Hotel for that posh hotel bar experience.

There are also several options within the West Village and east of the East Village in Foggy Bottom and downtown. This neighborhood is particularly well-situated for those looking for nightlife within easy distance of home.

East Village Neighborhood 7Pet Lovers in the East Village

If you’re looking to relocate to the East Village with a dog or are hoping to get one once you’ve settled in, you’re in luck. In addition to all of the parks mentioned above, and miles of trails along the river, the canal, and the creeks in the neighborhood, there’s also one of few D.C. dog parks just outside the neighborhood – Francis Dog Park. Additionally, the neighborhood is home to several pet-oriented businesses, like Chichie’s Grooming Spa and Unleashed by Petco.

But just because you’re living in a pet wonderland doesn’t mean that you can turn a blind eye to the District’s pet laws, failure pick up after your pet or letting your dog off-leash in public can carry result in you having to pay a rather large fine.

East Village Neighborhood 8Senior Living

Just as with children, just because the East Village is a great place for Millennials and other young adults to live, doesn’t mean that it isn’t also a terrific place for retirees and other seniors to enjoy their twilight years. The neighborhood has all the amenities that appeal to adults of all ages, plus it has some great resources for the 75 and older set.

The area has several senior communities, where retirees live either independently or with some assistance, places like the Aged Women’s Home. There are also several neighborhood-based nonprofit centers that provide educational and social opportunities for seniors from throughout the D.C. area, like Georgetown Village, The Center for Hellenic Studies, Junior League of Washington, The Seniors Center, Education Development Center Inc., and the Citizens Association of Georgetown or CAG.

The East Village is also in a prime location for seniors who desire easy access to wellness programming and healthcare. The neighborhood is home to Unwind Wellness Center and Cedar and Birch Wellness. It’s also in easy reach of George Washington University Hospital and Medstar Georgetown University Hospital.

East Village Neighborhood 9Culture & Arts in the East Village Neighborhood

In addition to the wide variety of museums, performance venues, galleries, and cultural attractions less than twenty minutes away in Downtown Washington and along the National Mall, the East Village neighborhood has many cultural and arts resources.

The Jackson School or the Jackson Art Center (a former school turned into an arts center and studio), Anna Banana Arts and Crafts (mentioned above), Addison/Ripley Fine Art gallery, Susan Calloway Fine Arts, Village Art and Craft, and the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts are all right in the neighborhood itself. Also, the West Village and Foggy Bottom to the East are home to several more arts organizations, venues, and schools.

East Village Neighborhood 10Foodie Rating

Just like the East Village’s bar scene, the restaurant scene in this half of Georgetown is absolutely fantastic. And, while more of the restaurants that Georgetown is known for may be across Wisconsin in the West Village, the East Village’s restaurants are worth a trip from across town as destinations. Lucky for neighborhood residents that they need not travel far to enjoy them.

Stellar fine dining and casual comfort faire exist side by side in this little inner city neighborhood. Standouts include the classic French cuisine served in rustic decor at La Chaumiere, the river view dining and American farm to table cuisine available at Farmers Fishers Bakers, the delectable Italian served up at Filomena Ristorante and Fiola Mare, and the casual sophistication of the pizza served up at &pizza.

East Village Neighborhood 11Shopaholic Opportunities in the East Village

The East Village is a shopper’s paradise as well. Anchored by the Washington Harbour mall at one end and Georgetown Park at the other, the neighborhood is rife with boutiques, retail chains, and one-of-a-kind retailers specializing in just about anything anyone could want. There’s a reason that people come from all over the city (and the world) to shop in this area. A day spent shopping along Wisconsin is a day well spent in the East Village.

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