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Fairlawn Neighborhood 1Finding Home in Central Southeast DC

The residents of the Fairlawn neighborhood in Southeast Washington D.C. enjoy the best of both worlds, located as they are at the West edge of Southeast D.C., just across the Anacostia River from everything the middle of the city has to offer. This neighborhood is a working class neighborhood made up of a mix of rental properties and owner-occupied homes.

The neighborhood has a long history, having been a native settlement prior to the seventeenth century. It’s been a modern neighborhood since the expansion of the Navy Yard across the river made it necessary for affordable housing for workers to be developed on the opposite bank of the Anacostia. These days, Fairlawn is largely a commuter community, with most residents traveling for work and school in other parts of the city.

The neighborhood is bordered by Anacostia Park’s Section D along its northwestern edge, the Anacostia neighborhood to the south, the Dupont Park Neighborhood to the northeast, and Woodland and Hillcrest to the south and southeast.

Fairlawn Neighborhood 2Home Ownership and Renting in Fairlawn

In the neighborhood of Fairlawn, rental properties are in the majority. 78 percent of Fairlawn residents rent their homes, and it’s understandable why. Rents in the Fairlawn neighborhood are only slightly higher than the national median, which, for an urban neighborhood, are very reasonable. The most popular home types in Fairlawn are the Victorian, federal, and bungalow styles.

Home values are respectable for an inner-city neighborhood. The median home value for Fairlawn is just under a quarter million dollars, which is considerably higher than the national average. Only 22 percent of the neighborhood residents own their homes and, for the time being, there is little fresh development happening in Fairlawn, though public-private development partnerships are changing the landscape across Southeast D.C.

Fairlawn Neighborhood 3Transportation, Parking, and Commuting in Fairlawn

Fairlawn sits just across two bridges from downtown and right in the middle of Southeast D.C. That’s why it’s such a fantastic place to live for those who need easy access to the US Capitol, Nationals Park, or just about any central D.C. location.

The Fairlawn neighborhood enjoys a better bike score – very bikeable at 73 – than just about any other neighborhood in southeast Washington. It also has a good transit score and is considered somewhat walkable. Commuting to downtown takes residents less than twenty minutes by car and just over a half hour on public transportation. Commute times to the capitals major universities – Howard, American, Georgetown, and George Washington – are a bit longer as Fairlawn is on the opposite side of downtown from all of them.

The neighborhood is served by the several bus lines and by the Green Line of Washington’s Metro System via the Anacostia Metro Station, at the south end of the neighborhood. Parking is generally easy to come by throughout the Fairlawn neighborhood.

Fairlawn Neighborhood 4Outdoor Activities in the Fairlawn Area

Thanks to the neighborhood’s proximity to Anacostia Park and the Anacostia Recreation Center with its pool, Fairlawn residents have options when it comes time to get outside for a little recreation. The Anacostia Riverwalk Trail along the Capitol Waterfront, is another popular spot for Fairlawn residents looking to get outside.

Indoor workout facilities are a bit harder to come by in Fairlawn and the surrounding area, but there’s a yoga studio in Fairlawn — David Yoga on Minnesota Avenue SE. Additionally, there are several workout facilities just across either bridge into Central D.C. from the neighborhood.

Fairlawn Neighborhood 5Family-Friendly Fairlawn

Family is very important in Fairlawn, thanks to its working and middle class roots. The neighborhood is anchored by the Anacostia Community Center mentioned above, as well as several highly-rated schools and many neighborhood houses of worship.

17 percent of the households in Fairlawn have school-age or younger children at home. Property crime rates in Fairlawn and other Southeast neighborhoods are generally lower than national rates, but other crimes can be concerning for families in this neighborhood.

The top-ranked schools that serve the Fairlawn community include Anacostia Senior High School and Kramer Middle School. The neighborhood is also served by Boone Elementary School , Ketcham Elementary School, and the Geneva Ivey Day School.

Fairlawn Neighborhood 6Nightlife in Fairlawn

Fairlawn residents looking for a little taste of the nightlife have to look outside the neighborhood. There are no bars, clubs, or other nightlife options in the neighborhood or any of the immediately surrounding areas. There are several options, however, just across the river in central D.C.

Fairlawn Neighborhood 7 Keeping a Dog in Fairlawn

Thanks to the presence of the aforementioned park and river walk trails, there are great opportunities for exercising a dog in the Fairlawn neighborhood. If you combine that with the general walkability of the neighborhood, Fairlawn is a great place for dog owners. Also, there are many pet-friendly apartments available in the area.

A couple walking two, large dogs in a park in the fall.

Via Rover.com

However, for an off-leash experience, Fairlawn residents will have to pack the dog up and drive to one of the dog parks in Central D.C. It bears mentioning that the standard pet laws of the district apply in Fairlawn as they do throughout the city. You must pick up your pet’s waste and keep your dog leashed whenever you our off your own property. The fines for getting caught disobeying the pet laws in D.C. can be costly.

Fairlawn Neighborhood 8 Arts and Culture in Fairlawn

Fairlawn is located a short metro ride, or bike ride, or a very quick car trip from some of the best museums in the world along the National Mall. Any neighborhood in Washington D.C. benefits from proximity to some of the best arts programming, showings, and arts nonprofits nationally.

Additionally, Fairlawn and the larger area of Ward 8 is home to several museums, galleries, performance spaces, and community arts institutions, such as Anacostia Arts Center, The Essential Theatre, Social Art and Culture, IBe’ Arts, Project Create Studio, and the Theater Alliance. There are arts festivals, classes, and performances in the Fairview area throughout the year.

Fairlawn Neighborhood 9Senior Living in Fairlawn

There are many seniors living in the Fairlawn neighborhood, despite the fact that the neighborhood has no institutions or businesses specifically set up to assist seniors. There are, thankfully, several senior-oriented businesses, communities, and institutions in the larger area of Southeast Washington.

Pennsylvania Avenue Village East and Azure in Woodland and Anacostia, respectively, are the area’s senior living communities. Kuehner House in Anacostia provides seniors and others with hot meals. The closest healthcare to the neighborhood is Unity Health Care, eight minutes away in Congress Heights.

Fairlawn Neighborhood 10 Fairlawn Foodie Rating

The Fairlawn neighborhood’s restaurants are unlikely to appear on any best of Washington lists. They are not fancy or expensive, but they do provide neighborhood inhabitants with options for good food at reasonable prices. Good Hope Carry Out and Turning Natural in the southern part of the neighborhood, and Thai Orchid’s Kitchen and Wah Sing Restaurant in the north of Fairlawn provide Fairlawn’s residents with nearby options for quality faire. The rest of what D.C. has to offer, in terms of amazing dining options, is less than 20 minutes away from the neighborhood.

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