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Foxhall Village Neighborhood 1A Touch of English Countryside in the Heart of Downtown

In the 1970s, Foxhall Village was a neighborhood of rental properties geared to students attending nearby Georgetown University. Over time, more and more renters started purchasing homes, with some even purchasing the homes next door to them and opened the first floors and basements to accommodate their growing families.

Today, Foxhall Village is a community of homeowners and considered by to be the number one neighborhood in Washington D.C., and one of its most prestigious. Filled with historic 1920s-era brick-and-stucco Tudor-style rowhouses, the properties in Foxhall Village feature unique English-style accents like limestone balustrades and curved chimney pots, making the community feel more like a countryside in England than a residential neighborhood in the heart of the nation’s capital.

Foxhall Village Neighborhood 2Home Ownership in Foxhall Village

Although this community has moved from being mostly rental to mostly owned, renters still make up 40 percent of the population here. This means that 60 percent of the residents here own their homes. The median home value in Foxhall Village is $1,052,170 and the median rent is $2,352 per month. Both far and away exceed the national averages. The Victorian and Tudor homes are the most popular in this neighborhood.

The exterior of a traditional, Tudor-style home.

The cost of living is rated much higher than it is elsewhere in D.C. (208 vs 152), but this is almost entirely due to the cost of housing. In categories like goods and services, transportation, and utilities, the neighborhood surprisingly has a lower cost-of-living index, while healthcare and groceries cost about the same city-wide.

Foxhall Village Neighborhood 3Foxhall Village Demographics

Foxhall Village’s population consists of a wide variety of people, but it’s especially favored by young single professionals, families with kids, the LGBT+ community, and retirees. It’s a very scholarly community, with 84 percent of its residents having earned at least a bachelor’s degree.

One of Washington’s most affluent neighborhoods, Foxhall Village has a median household income of $141,253 with 45 percent of households earning at least $150,000. Politically, Foxhall Village residents tend to lean toward liberal. The neighborhood has an unemployment rate of just 2.2 percent, compared to Washington’s 6.0 percent.

Foxhall Village Neighborhood 4Family-Friendly Foxhall Village

Foxhall Village is a family-friendly with some of the highest-rated schools in the D.C. area. There are 16 public schools serving the neighborhood and seven of them have received at least an A-rating from The School Without Walls High School is ranked the number one best public high school in District of Columbia.

Foxhall Village is also a low-crime area. The neighborhood earns a B+ rating for violent and property crime. Glover-Archbold Park borders one side of Foxhall Village, providing it with plenty of green spaces for its families to enjoy, and the Lower Potomac River flows just east of the neighborhood.

Hardy field is a beautiful park for kids of all ages. It has soccer fields, a playground, and other amenities more commonly found in suburban communities. The neighborhood also offers easy access to the Capital Crescent Trail and the C&O Canal.

Foxhall Village Neighborhood 5Getting Around Foxhall Village

Foxhall Village’s residents use their cars as their most common source of transportation, but the community does have public transportation options, too. The area is served by Metrobus’s D5, D6 and G2 lines. Foxhall Village is considered “somewhat walkable and bikeable” by with scores of 59 and 53, respectively.

Foxhall Village Neighborhood 6 Restaurants and Bars in Foxhall Village

With Georgetown close by, Foxhall Village has easy access to a world of restaurants and bars. Ask anyone in the area where you can find the best sandwiches and almost everyone will point you to Jetties. Their Nobadeer sandwich (basically Thanksgiving dinner on bread) is a customer favorite. Or, if you prefer something more upscale, Bistro Aracosia is a combination, Afghan restaurant and chop house. It was rated one of the 100 best restaurants in Washington in 2018 by the Washingtonian.

Foxhall Village has something for every craving. There’s Momo’s Café for Taiwanese food, Lupo Verde Osteria for Italian, Salt & Pepper for pizza and southern-style comfort food, and Et Voila if you want French.

With Foxhall Village being predominantly residential, you’ll have to look beyond the neighborhood’s borders to find any sense of a nightlife, but thankfully, you don’t have to look far. Over in Georgetown you’ll find plenty of places to keep you feeling laid back. The Tombs is a popular watering hole in this part of the city, and Clyde’s also enjoys a regular crowd. The Rooftop Bar & Lounge offers a more sophisticated setting, while BlackSalt Fish Market & Restaurant is heralded as one of the best taverns around.

Foxhall Village Neighborhood 7 Things to See and Do In and Around Foxhall Village

Living in Foxhall Village enables you to live in a neighborhood that’s peaceful and quiet while also being close to plenty of cultural and entertaining attractions. For instance, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is less than two miles away from Foxhall Village.

In fact, there are dozens of attractions within two miles including Georgetown Waterfront Park, the American University Museum, the Washington National Cathedral, the Georgetown Reservoir, and Theodore Roosevelt Island, just to name a few.

The White House is also less than three miles away, as are the Lincoln Memorial, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, the Renwick Gallery, and the Washington Monument. If you love keeping up with everything happening in the nation’s capital, there’s no better place to be.

But, if you ever need to clear your mind, you’ll also be in luck because there are several contemplative sites in proximity to this neighborhood, including the Kahlil Gibran Memorial Garden, Constitution Gardens, and Battery Kemble Park.

Foxhall Village Neighborhood 8 Pet-Friendly Foxhall Village

Foxhall Village is a great place to live if you have a pet. There are plenty of pet-friendly apartments to choose from, and if you have a job that keeps you away from home for a lengthy part of the day, finding a dog walker is easy in this part of D.C. The nearby parks also provide your pet with abundant space to expel her pent-up energy and most of the bike trails allow dogs as long as they are leashed.


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