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Glover Park Neighborhood 1A Safe and Diverse Neighborhood With Everything You Need

Glover Park is a mostly residential neighborhood that sits between Foxhall Crescent and Embassy Row and just northwest of Georgetown. It might not be as well-known as its neighbors due to its lack of a dedicated Metro station, but Glover Park is becoming more and more popular over time, as people discover this hidden gem.

Glover Park is well-regarded for its cleanliness, safety, hospitality, and for being a quiet residential area. Wisconsin Avenue is where its commercial district can be found and this enables residents to always be just a short walk away from grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and other amenities.

Glover Park Neighborhood 2Home Ownership vs Renting in Glover Park

The median home price in Glover Park is $642,719 and the median rent is $2,140, both of which are substantially higher the state and national averages. More people in this community own their homes (57 percent) than rent (43 percent). According to AreaVibes, the cost of living is higher in Glover Park than it is through much of Washington with a score of 165 compared to D.C.’s 152 average. Contemporary-style homes are the most popular in Glover Park.

The median household income in this neighborhood is $121,482 with 86 percent of the adult population having earned at least a bachelor’s degree. Unemployment is just 2.7 percent in Glover Park, compared to 6.0 percent for the District of Columbia.

Glover Park Neighborhood 3 Transportation and Commuting in Glover Park

Glover Park might not have a dedicated Metro station (the nearest one is two miles away), but it does have eight bus lines passing through the area. So, while many of its residents choose to commute by car, owning a car isn’t a necessity if you live here, as long as there’s a bus line that passes by your place of employment.

The neighborhood itself is extremely walkable, earning a walkability score of 78 from, meaning most errands can be done on foot. Getting around by bike is also easy in Glover Park, and the neighborhood does take part in the Capital Bikeshare bicycle rental system.

Glover Park Neighborhood 4Outdoor Activities in the Glover Park Area

Glover Park is bordered on two sides by Glover-Archbold Park. The densely wooded park not only helps create a sense of separation from the big city, but it also provides residents with plenty of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors. Glover-Archbold Park is a 183-acre span of wooded area that features a network of short trails that connect to a three-mile trail that runs north to south down the center of the park and follows Boundary Branch, a small creek that feeds into the Potomac River. It’s the ultimate escape for those who love to hike, and it’s also home to a lovely community garden.

If hiking through the woods isn’t your thing, then Glover Park has other exercise outlets for you to take advantage of. The neighborhood has CorePower Yoga, an Urban Athletic Club, and CrossFit Balance Gym.

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Glover Park Neighborhood 5Family-Friendly Glover Park

Glover Park is a desirable place to raise a family because it’s one of the safest communities in the D.C. area. It’s also home to good schools, like Stoddert Elementary School, which sits in the heart of the neighborhood. Most families walk their kids to school here, and this only adds to the sense of community Glover Park enjoys.

The community’s association publishes a monthly newsletter and every year it hosts Glover Park Day. There’s also a farmers market held at Hardy Middle School throughout the summer.

Glover Park Neighborhood 6The Social Scene in Glover Park

Glover Park’s social and nightlife scene is contained on Wisconsin Avenue, as this is where all the local bars and clubs are found. The Glover Park Cocktail Garden is a popular place on the weekends, and it can be found in the Glover Park Kimpton Hotel.

For good beer and food, one of the local favorites is Breadsoda, while Town Hall is the place to be on game day. If your palate craves more sophisticated drinks, then Bistrot Lepic & Wine Bar and Slate Wine Bar + Bistro will surely suffice. Both feature international wine selections and eclectic eats you won’t find anywhere else.

Of course, if you ever grow tired of Wisconsin Avenue’s options, all you need to do is take the short walk to Georgetown for a much wider variety of bars and clubs.

Glover Park Neighborhood 7 Glover Park Is Pet-Friendly

Glover Park’s walkability makes it a wonderful place to live if you own a dog. But even more importantly, the area is home to plenty of restaurants and establishments where your four-footed friend is welcome either inside or on the patio.

The trails of nearby Glover Archbold Park also make for a great way to spend the day outdoors with your dog. Just make sure your pet is always leashed and that you always pick up after her. A wide selection of apartments in this neighborhood are also accommodating to pets.

Glover Park Neighborhood 8Senior Living in Glover Park

Glover Park’s population is diverse, and its quiet streets and close-knit community make it particularly favorable to families and retirees. As a result, seniors make up a large segment of the population in this D.C. neighborhood. The fact that everything you need is within walking distance not only makes it convenient for seniors, but it also benefits their health and wellness.

Glover Park also has Glover Park Village, a volunteer-based program that’s designed to foster inter-generational relationships and aging in the community. Glover Park Village provides the area’s seniors with access to resources, services, and events geared to keeping them healthy and happy.

Glover Park Neighborhood 9Glover Park’s Culinary Scene

In recent years, Wisconsin Avenue has grown to become a hub of foodie activity in the area. Anchored by Town Hall, which has been serving American standards for year, the local culinary scene is growing faster than ever. Most of the eateries on Wisconsin Avenue are casual and relaxed, with Surfside’s Mexi-Cali cuisine fast-becoming one of the local hotspots.

The area even has a barbeque joint, Rocklands Barbeque, which many will argue has the best ribs in all of D.C. Whatever you’re craving, you’ll find it here, from big juicy hamburgers and coastal Italian to German and dumplings.

Glover Park Neighborhood 10Shopping in Glover Park

For the best shopping in Glover Park, you will once again have to head to Wisconsin Avenue. Here, you’ll find a variety of boutiques, thrift stores, home décor options, and much more. For affordable women’s clothing and jewelry, Pretty Chic is a local favorite, while men and women both will find much to their liking at Everard’s Clothing.

If you love shopping for bargains, then you’ll be in heaven at St Alban’s Church Opportunity Shop or at the Georgetown Flea Market over in Georgetown. There’s even a spiritual shop, The Chakra Room, where you can find all your spiritual supplies, have your tarot read, or receive crystal healing.


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