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Holmead Manor Neighborhood 1Holmead Manor: Between Park View and Mount Pleasant

Holmead Manor is one of the smaller urban communities in Washington D.C. It sits just north of Columbia Heights, west of Park View, and east of Mount Pleasant. It’s bordered by Sherman Avenue/New Hampshire Avenue, Park Road NW, Spring Road NW, and Holmead Place NW. Holmead Manor is almost entirely residential, but there’s a scattering of restaurants along the southern edge of the community as well as some small businesses throughout.

Holmead Manor Neighborhood 2Buying a Home in Holmead Manor

At the end of 2018, Holmead Manor was a seller’s market, with more buyers than there was inventory. This trend continues, so bidding wars shouldn’t be unexpected. The median listing price in Holmead Manor is $794,000 with the median sale price a little lower at $716,300. The most popular home styles in Holmead Manor are the classic Victorian and Gregorian finishes.

Holmead Manor Neighborhood 3Transportation and Commuting in Holmead Manor

Holmead Manor doesn’t have a lot of public transportation running through it, so most of the residents here get around by car. Most homes have driveways for parking, but there’s ample on-street parking to find as well. The nearest bus lines are found along New Hampshire Avenue at Spring Road, and Otis Place, Monroe Street, on Sherman Avenue and Park Road With a walk score of 95, Holmead Manor makes it easy to get around by foot, but most places of interest are found west of the neighborhood along 14th Street

Holmead Manor Neighborhood 4Outdoor Activities in Holmead Manor

Holmead Manor is an urban community with little in the way of green spaces, but there are breaks in the concrete at certain points where you can feel the grass on your feet. There’s a playground at the corner of 11th and Monroe and Triangle Park is right across the Spring Road, north of the neighborhood.

Also, close by is the Raymond Recreation Center and Playground, the Petworth Meditation Garden, and the massive Piney Branch Park, just a short drive west. Or, if you love golf and you’re a veteran, then take a short ride to the east and you’ll find Old Soldiers’ Home Golf Course in Petworth.

Holmead Manor Neighborhood 5Where to Eat and Drink in Holmead Manor

There aren’t a lot of culinary options in Holmead Manor, but there are a few located in the southeast corner of the community. Here, you’ll find The Coupe, a 24-hour gastropub and café; Maple, which is great for Italian food and drinks; and Meridian Pint, the local tavern with brews, bar food and billiards.

Right across Park Road you’ll find even more choices, like the award-winning Room 11, El Chucho-Cocina Superior, and the Wonderland Ballroom. East of the neighborhood along 14th Street, you’ll find more eateries, with some of the favorites including Airdale DC, Pho Viet, Thip Khao, and Zebra Bar.

People gathered at a busy bar.

Holmead Manor Neighborhood 6Shopping in Holmead Manor

Shopping is another thing that you’ll have to leave the neighborhood for, but you won’t have to go far. There are several international grocery stores along 14th Street, like the Latin Market, Panam International, and the Black Lion Market. There’s also a Giant Food at the corner of Park Avenue and 14th Street

Addis Park Market is also on Park Avenue where it meets 13th Street, and the Thirteenth Street Market is at the corner of 13th Street and Otis Place. For anything besides food and essentials, you’ll have to extend your shopping trip into nearby neighborhoods, like Mount Pleasant.

Holmead Manor Neighborhood 7Living With a Pet in Holmead Manor

Holmead Manor’s high walkability score makes it a good neighborhood for dog owners. There aren’t many parks in the neighborhood where you can take your dog to stretch her legs, but Petworth does have a dog park and it’s just a short drive north.

The Piney Branch Trail is also a favorite among dog owners, and it’s in Piney Branch Park. Dogs must always be up to date on their shots and leashed when out of the house. Owners are also expected to pick up after their dogs. Finding a pet-friendly apartment in Holmead Manor isn’t difficult as many are accommodating to pets.


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