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Kingman Park Neighborhood 1Where Young Professionals Love to Call Home

Kingman Park is one of the most ethnically-diverse neighborhoods in Washington D.C., and it’s fast-becoming a hub for millennial home buyers. The neighborhood has an urban feel and it features plenty of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and parks. It has high-quality nightlife and easy access to public transportation, all of which suits its younger residents nicely.

Kingman Park is also close to Capitol View neighborhood and the Heritage Islands, and in June of 2018, it was officially designated a Historic District.

Kingman Park Neighborhood 2Home Ownership in Kingman Park

Kingman Park’s population is made up of 59 percent homeowners and 41 percent renters. The median home value in this neighborhood is $571,445 and the median rent is $1,381 per month. Both are considerably higher than the national averages. The most popular home style in Kingman Park is the Victorian row-house.

The bulk of the housing in Kingman Park consists of brick row homes built in the 1920s in the federal style, which is the most common type of architecture found throughout the nation’s capital.

Kingman Park Neighborhood 1Kingman Park Demographics

In its early days, Kingman Park was predominantly African-American, but over the years, it has become much more diverse to the point that today it consists of a broad spectrum of people. It’s a scholarly community, with 75 percent of its residents having attended some college or earned at least an associate degree. Families with children make up 18 percent of the population in this neighborhood.

Kingman Park has a median household income of $82,386 with 27 percent of households earning at least $150,000. Females outnumber males here by 10 percent and in terms of politics, Kingman Park residents tend to be more liberal-minded.

Kingman Park Neighborhood 4Getting Around Kingman Park

Kingman Park is situated in an area where getting in and around the neighborhood couldn’t be easier. In fact, the neighborhood has a walkability score of 82, meaning that most errands can be completed on foot, and for those who work on Capitol Hill, they can reach the U.S. Capitol Building in just a half hour by taking a stroll. With a bike score of 93, Kingman Park is also very accommodating to those who prefer to bike from place to place.

Public transportation is also plentiful here with the neighborhood being served by multiple bus lines and it being close to the Stadium-Armory Metro Station. Two bridges make connecting to I-295 by car easy if you plan on visiting Virginia or Maryland.

Kingman Park Neighborhood 5Outdoor Activities in Kingman Park

Kingman Park offers plenty of ways for you to get your daily amount of vitamin D. For starters, it’s home to Kingman and Heritage Islands, which offer all manner of outdoor activities, including biking, hiking, boating, fishing, dog walking, and birding, just to name a few.


There are also seven Chronolog posts on the islands, each of which provides you with directions to follow to help track the temporal changes on the islands. Kingman Park is also close to RFK Stadium, which hosts a lot more than just Washington Redskins games in the fall and winter. RFK Stadium always has something going on, whether it’s a music festival or a soccer game. There’s also a skate park at the stadium that’s open to the public every day, dawn to dusk.

Kingman Park Neighborhood 6Restaurants and Bars in Kingman Park

If you love comfort food, then you’re going to love what Kingman Park’s culinary scene has to offer. K Burger is home to hands-down some of the best burgers you’ll find in D.C. It even offers burger creations you never knew you needed in your life, like their kimchi burger or their soy garlic chicken burger.

Kingman Park also has an excellent ramen restaurant at Toki Underground, authentic Cambodian/Taiwanese fare at Maketto, and delicious Mediterranean food at Sopeso. Or, if you prefer fusion restaurants, you’ll find some good selections in this neighborhood, including Pow Wow and BAB Korean Fusion.

Kingman Park Neighborhood 7Things to See and Do In and Around Kingman Park

Living in Kingman Park allows you to enjoy an active lifestyle because there’s always something going on in or around the neighborhood. You’re just a short walk from the Eastern Market, which has been providing the Capitol Hill area with fresh produce, meats and poultry, cheese, deli products, flowers, and baked goods since 1873. Eastern Market also holds a Tuesday farmers market, a weekend outdoor market for local artists to sell their wares, and a year-round weekend outdoor farmers market.

This neighborhood is also home to several popular annual festivals, including the Kingman Island Bluegrass and Folk Festival, the Trill Grill Fest, and the Rock-n-Roll DC 5K. D.C. also has its own roller derby team, the DC Rollergirls, if you want to enjoy a couple hours of pure adrenaline. Or, if you like your entertainment a little more polite, there’s always performances at Dorothy Bettys Marvin Theatre and the Rorschach Theatre to choose from.

Kingman Park Neighborhood 8Pet-Friendly Kingman Park

Sidewalks line 97 percent of Kingman Park, making this neighborhood exceptionally accommodating to residents with dogs. The streets are also well-lit, making it easy to walk your dog at night. Kingman and Heritage Islands offer plenty of green space for your dog to stretch her legs, but you need to keep her on her leash if you want to comply with D.C.’s dog laws.

You are also expected to pick up after your pet wherever you take him. Many of the apartments in Kingman Park also welcome pets, so if you’re looking to rent, you’ll have plenty of rentals to choose from for you and your pet.


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