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Langdon Neighborhood 1 Little-Known, But Suddenly Getting Noticed

Langdon is a small neighborhood in Washington D.C.’s northeast quadrant that for some time has existed a bit “under the radar.” In fact, unless you lived in the neighborhood, you probably wouldn’t even know it was there. But recently, younger buyers have started moving in and the effect has sent a ripple of rejuvenation throughout the Langdon area.

Today, Langdon is on its way to becoming one of the highlights of D.C.’s most select middle-class neighborhoods. The area is filled with Cape Cod-style homes, bungalows, and apartments, making it a strong contender whether you are interested in buying or renting.

Langdon Neighborhood 2Home Ownership vs Renting in Langdon

Langdon’s population is mostly homeowners, 31 percent of its residents rent. The median home value in Langdon is $422,630 and the median monthly rent is $1,141. Although the median home value might seem high, Langdon is a great place to look for a home if you don’t mind putting in a little work in exchange for a good deal. The federal and bungalow home styles are the most popular in the area.

Many of the homes are large and haven’t been updated since they were built, so there’s opportunity for investors and home buyers interested in a nice home in a fast-growing neighborhood.

Langdon Neighborhood 3Transportation, Parking, and Commuting in Langdon

Langdon is served by several bus lines, and the Rhode Island Metro line is about a 20-minute walk away. This makes the community easily accessible by public transportation. Langdon is also a very walkable community, having earned a walk score of 74 from Those with bicycles will find the neighborhood to be moderately bikeable, but most errands can be completed easily on foot.

Langdon is located between Route 1 and Route 50, and it offers easy access to I-295 for those who like to travel by car. There’s also plenty of on-street parking usually available.

Langdon Neighborhood 4Langdon Demographics

According to, the population in Langdon is 81 percent African-American, and the ratio of males to females is split 50-50. Many of the residents have lived here for a long time, with 45 percent of them aged 45 or older. Those who live here are well-educated, with 67 percent of the population having attended some college or earned at least an associate degree. The median household income in Langdon is $68,920, with 51 percent earning at least $75,000 annually.

Langdon Neighborhood 5Outdoor Activities in the Langdon Area

There are two parks located in Langdon; Chuck Brown Park (named after the legendary go-go singer); and Langdon Park, where residents can enjoy all manner of outdoor activities, including swimming, horse shoes, roller skating, tennis, and more. Langdon Park also has a community center, offering an indoor basketball court, boxing gym, a computer lab, and more. The United States National Arboretum is also nearby, located right on the other side of Route 50 to the southeast of the neighborhood.

A closeup of a group of volunteers with shovels planting trees.

Volunteers at Langdon Park. Via Casey Trees

Langdon Neighborhood 6Langdon’s Social Scene

Langdon’s social scene can get quite lively, but it doesn’t encroach on the quieter residential streets. The area’s nightlife can be found along Rhode Island Avenue or New York Avenue.

The Public Opinion is one of the best bars in town, with eight beers on tap and some of the best bar food you’ll come across anywhere in the city. Bliss Nightclub is where you’ll find up-tempo hip hop music and dancing nightly, while Aqua, Dew Drop Inn, and Echostage blend the best of all worlds for Langdon’s night crawlers.

Langdon Neighborhood 7Where to Eat in Langdon

If you’re looking for commercial food chains, you won’t find many, but there are other options to satiate your hunger. Good Foods Market is where you’ll find fresh produce, all the groceries you need, and healthy grab-and-go meals. It’s also where you’ll find the local favorite, Bullfrog Bagels.

Travel a little way down Rhode Island Avenue and you’ll come across Subbs by Carl, where you can dig in to the best subs in Langdon. Just be aware that Subbs is a cash-only eatery. Meanwhile, for your daily caffeine fix, head over to Zeke’s Coffee and then try the Mason Dixie Biscuit Company Drive-Thru for drive-thru biscuits, fried chicken, dirty rice, cheesy grits, and more. Then, finish up your day of eating with some chocolates from one of D.C.’s best chocolatiers, at Harper Macaw.

Langdon Neighborhood 8Pet-Friendly Langdon

With its high walk score, Langdon makes for a great place to live if you own a dog. There are plenty of places to walk in this community, and Landon Park even has its own dog park, so you always have a place where your pet can stretch her legs. Many of the apartment complexes in this neighborhood are also accommodating to pets.


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