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Marshall Heights Neighborhood 1 One of DC’s Hottest-Selling Neighborhoods

Marshall Heights is one of Washington D.C.’s fastest-growing communities. In fact, in 2018, it was the hottest-selling neighborhoods in town with homes averaging just 16 days on the market, down from 26 the year before. The typical home also averaged five bids before selling, so the competition here can be steep.

Located directly west of Capitol Heights, this is an affordable neighborhood that has everything one might be looking for if they’re thinking about moving to Washington D.C.

Marshall Heights Neighborhood 2Home Ownership vs. Renting in Marshall Heights

Renters outnumber homeowners in Marshall Heights 59 percent to 41 percent, but future expectations are for those numbers to get more even with the influx of people moving to the area. One of the area’s selling points is that it’s still affordable by D.C. standards. The median home value here is $234,455 and the average monthly rent is just $937, which is slightly lower than the national average. The federal and bungalow style homes are the two most popular architectural finishes here.

Housing in Marshall Heights consists of older brick single-family homes, condominiums, and apartment complexes. Whether you’re an investor or looking to buy a home in an affordable D.C. neighborhood, then Marshall Heights may have what you’re looking for.

Marshall Heights Neighborhood 3Transportation, Parking, and Commuting in Langdon

Marshall Heights has good access to public transportation. There are 11 bus lines that travel through the neighborhood and it’s served by two subway lines. It has a walk score of 67, so some, but not all your errands can be completed by foot. Despite the good public transportation, many resident’s own cars and choose that as their primary means of transportation. Most homes in the neighborhood have driveways for parking but ample on-street parking is also available.

Marshall Heights Neighborhood 4Marshall Heights Demographics

Marshall Heights is a family-friendly community with children accounting for 23 percent of its population. It’s a predominantly African-American neighborhood, but in recent years it has started seeing more diversity move in. Most of the population consists of adults aged 25 to 54 years, and females outnumber men here by 2 percent. Those with associate degrees or higher make up 35 percent of the population, and the median household income is $42,644.

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Marshall Heights Neighborhood 5Outdoor Activities in Marshall Heights

For Marshall Heights being a relatively small neighborhood, it has a good amount of green spaces in it. Along Southern Avenue, you’ll find Benning Park and Community Center, where kids can enjoy a dragon-themed playground, an outdoor swimming pool, and outdoor basketball courts. Inside, there’s a dance studio, a boxing center, computer lab, fitness center, gymnasium, and more.

Harris Recreation Center is another place where kids can play ball and enjoy playgrounds, while on the west edge of the neighborhood you’ll find the Fletcher-Johnson Field and Recreation Center.

Marshall Heights Neighborhood 6Worship in Marshall Heights

Marshall Heights can meet the worship needs of almost every faith. There are dozens of churches, chapels, temples, and other places of worship in this neighborhood. Whether you’re a Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Christian, or Jewish, you’ll always be near a place of solace and comfort. In the northern part of the neighborhood, you’ll find most places of worship on Astor Place or B Street. Farther south, you’ll find a good selection on or around Call Place.

Marshall Heights Neighborhood 7Where to Eat in Marshall Heights

Marshall Heights’s culinary scene is mainly composed of small, locally owned and operated eateries, and that’s just fine for those who live here. A popular spot on the northern edge of the neighborhood is America’s Best Wings. Shrimp Boat Plaza is another local hot spot and it’s located directly across from America’s Best Wings on E Capitol Street NE.

Another popular destination for foodies as well as the late-night crowd in Marshall Heights is Capital Szechuan, which specializes in comfort food. Or, if you’re craving burgers in or around Marshall Heights, try Bally’s Carry Out on Central Avenue.


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