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Michigan Park Neighborhood 1A Family-Friendly Community Favored by Renters

Michigan Park sits between Avondale and Fort Totten, where it’s bisected by South Dakota Avenue. It’s close to Capitol Hill, NOMA, Ivy City, and the H Street Atlas District. This is a mostly-urban residential area that’s known for its tight community and active civic associations. While it’s classified as urban, it has a surprisingly suburban feel to it because most of the homes here sit on tree-lined streets.

Michigan Park Neighborhood 2Home Ownership and Renting in Michigan Park

Michigan Park’s population is made up of 56 percent renters and 44 percent homeowners. The median home value in this neighborhood is $330,742 and the median rent is $1,133 per month. Both are considerably higher than the national averages, but affordable by Washington D.C. standards. The bulk of the housing in Michigan Park consists of two-story brick homes and duplexes, apartment complexes, and condominiums. The two home styles that are the most popular in this neighborhood include the federal and bungalow architectural designs.

Michigan Park Neighborhood 3Michigan Park Demographics

Michigan Park enjoys a diverse population, with females outnumbering males by 12 percent. Seniors are the largest age group in this neighborhood, making up 17 percent of the population, while adults aged 25 to 34 years is the second-largest at 16 percent. Approximately a third of those who live here have earned at least a bachelor’s degree and the median household income is $77,675.

Michigan Park Neighborhood 4Getting Around Michigan Park

Michigan Park has good public transportation options with the neighborhood being served by seven bus lines and three subway lines. It has a walk score of 58 and a bike score of 55 according to WalkScore.com. So, while some errands can be completed on foot, many places of interest are beyond the range of walking.

Biking is also moderately accommodated here as the area isn’t well-equipped with a biking infrastructure. While owning a car isn’t a necessity due public transit, many of those who live here choose to travel by car because Michigan Avenue NE provides an easy route to downtown D.C. The Capital Beltway (I-495) and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (Maryland Route 295) are also close by and easy to reach. Parking is either done in driveways or on the street if the home doesn’t have one.

Michigan Park Neighborhood 5Outdoor Activities in Michigan Park

Michigan Park is an urban residential neighborhood, but it isn’t without its fair share of outdoor activities. The North Michigan Park Recreation Center is one of the most popular places for green spaces. Even more green space can be found in a neighborhood park located adjacent to the HCS Pediatrics Center, as well as the Fort Circle Park National Recreation Trail along the neighborhood’s northernmost boundary and Barnard Hill Park, located in the lower southeast corner of Michigan Park.

Well-marked trail entrance at Fort Circle in Washington D.C.

Michigan Park Neighborhood 6Restaurants and Bars in Michigan Park

There aren’t a lot of restaurants in Michigan Park, but there are plenty within short driving distance. In fact, there’s a large selection of places to eat near Michigan Avenue. Here you’ll find options like Today’s Pizza, Busboys and Poets, City Kabob & Curry House, and Fox Loves Taco. Full Yum 2 is one of the favorite places to eat in the northern part of the neighborhood and you can dig into some authentic Ethiopian food at Askale Café on 12th Street.

In Michigan Park, expect most of your dining options to be of the stomach-filling comfort food category. If you’re in the mood for something a little more elegant, then you’ll have to extend your search farther out.

Michigan Park Neighborhood 7Things to See and Do In and Around Michigan Park

Like its culinary scene, most points of interest are located just beyond the neighborhood limits. Within a few minutes drive, you can visit President Lincoln’s Cottage, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Dance Place, and many other parks and recreation centers. The African American Civil War Museum is also close by as is Bladensburg Waterfront Park.

Michigan Park Neighborhood 8Pet-Friendly Michigan Park

Although Michigan Park isn’t the most walkable neighborhood, the number of parks in and around the area make it accommodating to pet owners. There’s even a dog park just a short drive away in the next neighborhood to the east, aptly named Petworth.

Michigan Park Neighborhood 9Michigan Park for Seniors

Michigan Park has a high population of seniors because it’s home to excellent medical facilities, namely the Providence Hospital and Health System Center. The hospital and health center provide Michigan Park’s seniors with all the diagnostic, surgical, recovery, and treatment solutions they need to maintain their health and wellness. Michigan Park is also a predominantly Catholic neighborhood, with it being home to St. Anselm’s Abbey, a Roman Catholic monastery and the nearby Catholic University.




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