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Mount Pleasant Neighborhood 1Washington’s Most Eclectic and Interesting Neighborhood

Mount Pleasant was at one time sprawling farmland until it was made one D.C.’s first streetcar suburbs at the turn of the 20th century. Since those early days, the neighborhood has grown to become one of D.C.’s funkiest, hippest, and eclectic communities. Mount Pleasant might be one of the hottest neighborhoods in Washington, but it strives hard (and succeeds) to maintain its small-town feel, so much so that many like refer to it as a”village within the city.”

An image of a street corner in Mount Pleasant.

Mount Pleasant Neighborhood 2Home Ownership vs Renting in Mount Pleasant

In Mount Pleasant there are more than twice as many renters as there are homeowners. The median home value in the neighborhood is $511,082 and the average monthly rent is $1,498. The community is very diverse with Caucasians, Hispanics, and African-Americans making up most of the population. A majority of the population is aged 25 to 34 years, so the neighborhood does have a youthful and energetic vibe to it. The Victorian and Tudor-style homes are the most popular in this trendy neighborhood.

The median household income is $85,506, but one-quarter of its residents earn at least $150,000. If you want to live in a thriving neighborhood that is always improving and offering new and exciting things, then Mount Pleasant should be at the top of your consideration list.

Mount Pleasant Neighborhood 3Transportation and Commuting in Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is very well-served by the city’s public transportation system. A metro station is just a short walk from just about everywhere in the neighborhood and several buses, including the popular 42 bus pass, through it. The city’s brand new Circulator bus system also serves this neighborhood.

Mount Pleasant is also a very walkable community, earning a score of 90 from With a bike score of 82, biking is another great way to get around. With so many alternative transportation options, owning a car isn’t required in Mount Pleasant, and that’s proven in the fact that three-fourths of its residents don’t own one.

Mount Pleasant Neighborhood 4Mount Pleasant’s Commercial Strip

The beauty of Mount Pleasant is that it keeps its residential streets quiet and peaceful, and its commercial strip contained mostly along Mount Pleasant Street. Here, you’ll find just about everything you need. There are two grocery stores, Irving Wine and Spirits, Suns Cinema and Bar, nail spas, beauty salons, banks, a 7-11, and several other places to grab a quick bite.

Mount Pleasant Neighborhood 5Family-Friendly Mount Pleasant

With Piney Branch Park bordering Mount Pleasant to the north and the Klingle Valley Trail, Rock Creek, and Smithsonian National Zoological Park bordering it to the east, there are ample opportunities for families with kids to enjoy the outdoors in Mount Pleasant. The Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Library also offers a wealth of activities and programs for children of all ages.

The Mount Pleasant Famers Market runs from April 1st to December 23rd on Saturday mornings at the Mt. Pleasant St. Plaza. Every week, there’s fresh, locally sourced produce, live music, art, and so much more on display. The public schools in this neighborhood are also highly rated, thus making it even more attractive to families with children.

Mount Pleasant Neighborhood 6Restaurants in Mount Pleasant

One thing that Mount Pleasant is very well-known for is its great food scene. The neighborhood is filled with ethnic restaurants serving up authentic renditions of traditional delicacies. There’s Thip Khao for Loatian food, Purple Patch for Filipino food, Mola for Spanish food, Mi Cuba Café for Cuban and Latin American fare, Al Volo for Italian, and Beau Thai for Thai dishes.

There are also several Mexican restaurants, American traditional eateries, and many places serving innovative fusion food in and around Mount Pleasant. With so much variety, your taste buds are guaranteed to never get bored when you live and eat in Mount Pleasant.

Mount Pleasant Neighborhood 7Nightlife in Mount Pleasant

Life in Mount Pleasant doesn’t end when the sun goes down. The neighborhood enjoys a very active and lively nightlife, and it has plenty of options for enjoying it. Whether you’re out with friends looking to get some drinks, working late, or hungry after hours, Mount Pleasant has you covered. Room 11 is a very popular spot in Mount Pleasant, especially with it being named one of the “Best New Bars in the U.S.” by Food & Wine magazine.

For some great craft beers and award-winning Korean-style chicken, visit Choong Man Draft House. Or, for the wonderful combination of delicious baked goods and cocktails, there’s Ellē. Then there’s Red Derby, if you like your bars dark and especially divey.

If working late is your thing, then there are plenty of cafés in the area where you can get the caffeine and Wi-Fi you need to get the job done. Some of the best include Coffy Café, Pear Plum Café, and Addis Paris Café.

Mount Pleasant Neighborhood 8Things to See and Do in Mount Pleasant

In the summer, there’’ nothing like heading to Rock Creek Park and bicycling along Beach Drive through the park. It’s especially fun on Saturdays when cars aren’t allowed on the road. Don’t have a bike? Don’t worry, there’s a Capital BikeShare station at the rear entrance of the National Zoo. You can also visit the Carter Barron Amphitheatre, where you can enjoy a fantastic calendar of outdoor summer performances.

Mount Pleasant is very proud of its locally owned small businesses, so shopping among them is practically a pastime here. Whether it’s a hardware store, a vintage clothing boutique, or a bakery, the neighborhood’s residents are passionate about supporting their local businesses.

Mount Pleasant Neighborhood 9Pet-Friendly Mount Pleasant

With Mount Pleasant’s high walkability score, it makes for an ideal neighborhood for pet owners to live. There’s also a dog park located at 11th Street and Park Road where the local dog owners are really invested in it, to the point that they have cleaned it up and added chicken wire fence to help protect the dogs and reduce the risk of one of them escaping.

On Fridays, dog owners convene at the park and have an impromptu happy hour. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow dog owners and enjoy an adult beverage on a warm, sunny day.


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