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Near Northeast Neighborhood 1The Transportation Hub of DC

Near Northeast is an urban neighborhood located just southwest of Gallaudet University. It’s home to Union Station, one of the major hubs of public transportation in the city. It also has a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and other amenities that help add value and satisfaction to one’s life, making it one of the best neighborhoods in the D.C. area. Near Northeast is particularly favored by young professionals who prefer to rent.

Near Northeast Neighborhood 2Home Ownership and Renting in DC’s Near Northeast Neighborhood

Nearly three-fourths of the people in Near Northeast choose to rent over buying a home. The median rent here is $2,176, which is more than double the national average. In fact, 70 percent of the rental properties in this neighborhood cost more than $2,000 per month. But what you’re really paying for is the convenience and quality of life this wonderful community and the surrounding area has to offer. The Victorian-style row house is the most popular home style in this neighborhood.

The median home value in Near Northeast is $667,501, although 35 percent of the inventory is valued over $750,00. This is a very condo-heavy community and most homes are of the row home variety with some single-family detached homes here and there. If you want to live somewhere close to the Capitol while at the same time avoiding being engulfed by politics, then the Near Northeast neighborhood offers the best of both worlds.

Near Northeast Neighborhood 3Near Northeast Demographics

The people of Near Northeast are highly-educated, with 86 percent having earned at least a bachelor’s degree. While the population is mostly white (67 percent), it’s growing more diverse by the day. Near Northeast is one of the rare neighborhoods where the men outnumber the women by 4 percent.

The most common age range in this neighborhood is 25 to 34 years, as Millennials account for 48 percent of all who live here. Near Northeast is an affluent community where the median home income is $119,967 and 36 percent of the adults earn at least $150,000 annually.

Near Northeast Neighborhood 1Getting Around Near Northeast

Near Northeast is well-served by the public transportation system, especially with the Red Line stopping at Union Station. Several bus lines also pass through the neighborhood, including the X2, B2, 90, and 92 lines. The D.C. Streetcar is also planned to start operating in Near Northeast soon.

Owning a car isn’t required if you live in Near Northeast, but it’s the most common mode of transportation here, with Routes US-1 and US-50 close by for trips east out of the city towards the I-495 Capital Beltway. Those who choose to not own a car tend to do just fine because the Near Northeast is walkable and bikeable, and due to the many public transit options.

Near Northeast Neighborhood 5Things To See and Do in Near Northeast

Living in Near Northeast places you in the perfect location for enjoying some of Washington D.C.’s best sites and attractions. You’re close to the National Arboretum, the best place to enjoy cherry blossom season in the city. Gallaudet University and its National Historic Landmark District is a wonder for lovers of architecture, while the Atlas Performing Arts Center puts on performances all throughout the year in addition to housing a magnificent public art gallery.

A shot of the National Arboretum in Washington D.C.

The National Postal Museum is also here, located next to Union Station. While you’re there, visit Columbus Circle and its iconic fountain. Of course, you’re also just blocks from the United States Capitol, the National Mall, and Washington’s family of Smithsonian museums.

Near Northeast Neighborhood 6Restaurants and Bars in Near Northeast

Near Northeast is foodie heaven, especially along the H Street Corridor. Farmbird is one of the local favorites. It serves chicken in so many different ways, you’ll never get bored of it and everything is made fresh daily from wholesome and sustainable ingredients.

You’ll find the best Asian fusion ramen at Toki Underground, although the restaurant isn’t underground at all. It’s actually up a thin, narrow flight of stairs. This place is really small and very popular, so any time you plan on visiting, reservations are highly recommended. Meanwhile, at Indigo you’ll find affordable, but high-quality Indian food, excellent vegan dishes at Fancy Radish, and Ethiopian fare at Ethiopic.

The H Street Corridor is also where you’ll find the most diverse selection of bars in the Near Northeast neighborhood. At Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar you’ll find one of the most popular bar/dance clubs, even though it’s relatively new. It’s hip, quirky, and every Tuesday night is Karaoke night.

Another newcomer to Near Northeast’s nightlife is Bar Elena. Here, you’ll find great drinks and bar food, a friendly ambiance, and a variety of games in the back. Another local staple is The Haymaker Bar. They serve tasty punches in mason jars, delicious food, and all your favorite brews and cocktails.

Near Northeast Neighborhood 7Pet-Friendly Near Northeast

Near Northeast’s walkability and popularity with bicyclists make it a great neighborhood for owning a dog. While the neighborhood itself is short on parks, there are several parks not too far away where your dog can get the exercise she needs. In fact, all of Washington D.C. is dog-friendly, with many of the area’s restaurants and apartment complexes welcoming four-footed family members.

Washington D.C. does have dog laws in place, so they’ll need to be adhered to. Such rules include keeping your pet’s shots up-to-date, always keeping your dog leashed, and picking up after your dog.

Near Northeast Neighborhood 8Near Northeast for Seniors

Near Northeast doesn’t have a large senior population, but that’s mainly due to the cost of living here. But, for those seniors who can afford it, Near Northeast is a wonderful place to call home. The neighborhood has good medical services with it being home to the Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Medical Center. It also has good public transportation and an overabundance of attractions particularly favored by seniors, like museums, art galleries, and historical landmarks and monuments.


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