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Northeast Boundary Neighborhood 1 DC’s Easternmost Neighborhood

Northeast Boundary is a very small neighborhood on the eastern edge of D.C. where it borders Prince George’s County, Maryland, and the D.C. communities of Capitol Heights, Fairmount Heights, and Seat Pleasant. This is a little-known neighborhood that’s starting to see some growth due to it being nominated for listing as an Opportunity Zone in 2018.

Northeast Boundary Neighborhood 2Home Ownership and Renting in Northeast Boundary

The ratio of renters to homeowners in Northeast Boundary is nearly even, with homeowners numbering just 4 percent more than renters. The median home value in the Northeast Boundary neighborhood is $198,995, which is a little higher than the national average. For renters coming to the neighborhood, you can expect to pay an average of $1,228 per month. The most popular homes here are the federal and bungalow styles.

Condominiums make up a large percentage of the housing in Northeast Boundary, but there are some single-family detached homes throughout. Northeast Boundary is one of the more affordable communities in the D.C. area, and while it doesn’t offer a lot in the way of retail and restaurants, it more than makes up for it with its parks and family friendly atmosphere.

Northeast Boundary Neighborhood 3NE Boundary Demographics

The population of Northeast Boundary is largely African-American and Hispanic, but it’s seeing other ethnicities moving in, further diversifying it. Its population is even across the board as far as age goes, with no one age group standing apart from the rest. Currently, the largest population group in Northeast Boundary is children younger than 10 years old.

A blue-collar neighborhood, the most common education level in Northeast Boundary is high school graduate or equivalent. The median household income in the neighborhood is $37,981, although 48 percent of household income brackets are $45,000 or higher.

Northeast Boundary Neighborhood 4Family-Friendly Northeast Boundary

With Northeast Boundary’s large child population, it needs a variety of resources and services to care for them, and it does. Along with Drew Elementary School, which serves pre-k to fifth grade, the neighborhood also has the Rainbow Child Development Center and All My Children Child Development. For older children, HD Woodson High School provides them with a solid foundation for their future pursuits.

Northeast Boundary also offers good senior services, especially at The Woodson Senior Recreation Center, which offers a variety of senior-friendly activities and event.

Northeast Boundary Neighborhood 5Getting Around Northeast Boundary

Northeast Boundary is served predominantly by three bus lines, the V2, V4, and X9 lines. In the neighborhood’s southeastern corner, residents also have access to the F14 line. The nearest subway station is right across the border in Maryland at the Capitol Heights Washington Metro station. Here, you can catch the Blue and Silver Lines.

Most residents in Northeast Boundary commute to work by car as the bus lines only run along 58th Street and Dix Street, making public transportation inconvenient for a large part of the neighborhood.

Northeast Boundary Neighborhood 6Places of Worship in Northeast Boundary

Northeast Boundary has a good selection of places of worship, which also plays nicely into it being family friendly and good for seniors. There’s the Righteous Church of God in the northern part of the neighborhood, Refuge Temple on Eads Street, Beulah Baptist of Deanwood Heights in the middle of the community, Glorious Spiritual Order and Perfection of the Saints on Dix Street, and True Way Church in the southeast.

Northeast Boundary Neighborhood 7Outdoor Recreation in Northeast Boundary

Northeast Boundary enjoys access to two large parks. There’s Marvin Gaye Park in the northwest corner of the neighborhood, right behind the Woodson Senior Recreation Center. The Watts Branch Recreation Center is also located in this park. In the southeastern corner there’s the Watts Branch Playground, the Marvin Gaye Playground, and the Marvin Gaye Recreation Center.

An image of the exterior of the Marvin Gaye Recreation Center.

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At the bend where Eastern Avenue becomes Southern Avenue there’s an off-road that takes you to the East Corner Boundary Stone, one of the oldest federal monuments which outline the original 100 square mile site for the national capital as authorized by George Washington in the Residence Act of 1790.


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