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Randle Highlands Neighborhood 1 A Neighborhood That Dares You to Dream

Randle Highlands is a small neighborhood in southeast Washington D.C. that’s bordered by Pennsylvania Avenue and close to the Anacostia River. The neighborhood was developed by Colonel Arthur E. Randle, who moved his family into a large Greek Revival house that was known as “The Southeast White House.” Following Randle’s lead and encouragement, many other Washingtonians would end up building grand homes in the neighborhood, giving it a stately feel.

Randle Highlands Neighborhood 2Home Ownership and Renting in Randle Highlands

Approximately 71 percent of those who live in Randle Highlands rent their homes compared to 29 percent who own. The median rent in this part of Washington D.C. is $1,144 per month, which is affordable by the nation’s capital standards. Meanwhile, the median home value in Randle Highlands is $348,240. Housing in this neighborhood consists of large, single-family detached homes, duplex condos, and large, brick apartment complexes. You’ll likely find a lot of federal and Greek Revival-style homes here.

Randle Highlands Neighborhood 3Randle Highlands Demographics

The population of Randle Highlands is 89 percent African-American, but the neighborhood is quickly becoming much more diverse, especially as more Millennials move in. Currently, Millennials make up the community’s largest group, accounting for 19 percent of the population followed by adults aged 45-to-54 and children under 10 years old, each of which make up 17 percent of the neighborhood.

Randle Highlands has a large female population with women outnumbering men by 10 percent, and 58 percent of the adults here have had some college or earned at least an associate degree. The median household income in Randle Highlands is $49,573 with 31 percent earning at least $75,000.

Randle Highlands Neighborhood 4Transportation in Randle Highlands

The closest Metrorail station to Randle Highlands is a mile and a half west of the neighborhood (the Potomac Avenue Station), but even though it doesn’t have rail access, the neighborhood is well-served by the city’s Metrobus lines, all of which can deliver you to Potomac Avenue Station.

There are seven bus routes in Randle Highlands, including 30N, 30S, 32, 34, 36, M6, and 39. Despite the neighborhood enjoying good public transportation coverage, most residents prefer to commute by car. Most homes in the community have driveways, but there’s also ample parking available on most streets as well.

Randle Highlands Neighborhood 5Outdoor Activities in Randle Highlands

Randle Highlands is almost entirely residential, and most homes have some degree of yards for children to play in. Just south of the community is the Fort Circle Park Hiker/Biker Trail and just a few blocks south of that is Alger Park. To the west of Randle Highlands, you’ll find easy access to Anacostia Fields, the Pirate Ship Playground at Anacostia Park, the Anacostia Recreation Center, and of course, the Anacostia River.

A wide shot of Anacostia Park in Washington D.C.

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Although you have to leave the neighborhood to find green spaces, they’re not far away and the recreational opportunities they present are more than worth the short trip.

Randle Highlands Neighborhood 6Restaurants and Bars in Randle Highlands

Randle Highlands isn’t overwhelmed with eateries as it tends to keep itself residential, but there are some places to find a good meal on the borders of the neighborhood. Mario’s House Pizza is one of the neighborhood stalwarts and where most go for pizza, sandwiches, subs, and more, all served fresh and at great prices. At the other end of Minnesota Avenue, you’ll find another neighborhood favorite, Lee’s Brunch. This is the go-to spot for those looking for a simple cup of coffee, a hearty breakfast, or tasty lunch.

Another long-standing restaurant in Randle Highlands is Wah Sing. This is a cash-only Chinese-American restaurant and bar, so if you’re planning on eating here, make sure you hit the ATM first. Next door to Mario’s is Chicken To Go, a great place to stop if you want a quick bite or a healthy smattering of comfort food.

Randle Highlands Neighborhood 7Places of Worship in Randle Highlands

Randle Highlands is a religious community that offers several places of worship for its residents. On Minnesota Avenue there’s Grace Memorial Baptist Church, while on Naylor Road you’l find Little Rock Church-Deliverance and Charity Baptist Church. Fountain Memorial Baptist Church is also in Randle Highlands as is New Beginnings Ministries-Ujima, a multi-cultural spiritual center.

There are even more choices just beyond the neighborhood’s borders, like Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Galilee Baptist Church, and Emmanuel Church of God-Christ.

Randle Highlands Neighborhood 8Pet-Friendly Randle Highlands

Most neighborhood streets in Randle Highlands are graced with wide sidewalks, so it’s very walkable for those who love walking their dogs. Anacostia and Alger Parks also make for ideal spaces for you and your pet and of course, all dogs love traversing the Fort Circle Trail. If you move to Randle Park with a pet, you need to comply with Washington D.C.’s pet laws, which include keeping your pet up to date on her shots, keeping her leashed, and picking up after her.

Randle Highlands Neighborhood 9Family-Friendly Randle Highlands

Randle Highlands is dedicated toward helping families develop smart, courageous, and caring children. One way it does this is with the DC Dream Center, a center for community that offers everything from one-on-one mentoring and tutoring to personal development and legal assistance. The goal of the DC Dream Center is to inspire today’s youth and adults to dare to dream, equipping them to reach their God-given potential. The neighborhood also has Randle Highlands Elementary School, which provides local children with a solid educational foundation.



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