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Stanton Park Neighborhood 1 A Quaint Neighborhood Centered on Nathaniel Greene

Stanton Park is a small community with no designated borders, but the Stanton Park Neighborhood Association considers its borders H Street NE to the north, 8th Street NE to the east, Constitution Ave. to the south, and 2nd Street NE to the west. The neighborhood gets its name after the actual Stanton Park, which is home to the statue of Nathaniel Greene.

Stanton Park Neighborhood 2Home Ownership vs. Renting in Stanton Park

The median home price in Stanton Park is $742,552 and the median rent is $1,862, both of which are substantially higher the state and national averages. There are more homeowners than renters by a ratio of 55 percent to 45 percent, respectively. Housing in Stanton Park consists predominantly of federal-style homes and condominiums.

Living in Stanton Park places you close to everything great about Washington D.C.’s political theater. After all, it’s just blocks from the United States Capitol, the Supreme Court, the Library of Commerce, and the National Mall. If you can’t get enough of American political history, there’s no place better to be.

Stanton Park Neighborhood 3Transportation and Commuting in Stanton Park

Stanton Park doesn’t have any subway lines running through it, but Union Station is just west of the neighborhood. The H/Benning light rail line runs along H Street NE and the neighborhood does have several bus lines passing through, including 96, D6, X8, 90, and 92. It’s common for those who live here to own cars, especially with its easy access to Route 1 and Route 50, and most of the parking is done on the street.

Stanton Park Neighborhood 4Stanton Park Demographics

Stanton Park is a diverse, upscale community where the 80 percent of the adult residents have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. It’s particularly popular among young professionals and families with children, with females outnumbering males in Stanton Park by 8 percent. The median household income is $128,355 but 41 percent of its resident earn $150,000 a year or higher.

Stanton Park Neighborhood 5Restaurants in Stanton Park

Stanton Park has several popular eateries within the neighborhood and many other options just outside of it. Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse is a casual, church-owned coffeehouse that serves fair-trade coffee and tea. It also has live music on some evenings and outdoor seating for enjoying your coffee in the fresh air.

To the north on H Street NE, you’ll find Ethiopic, a gorgeous, upscale restaurant serving authentic Ethiopian food along with a wonderful beer and wine selection. Just east of here you’ll find Po Boy Jim Bar and Grill’s second location in D.C. It serves classic, Louisiana-style Cajun and Creole comfort food.

Other great places along H Street NE include Nando’s Peri-Peri, an Afro-Portuguese chain restaurant, DC Harvest, which serves a locally sourced modern American menu in a farmhouse setting, and Farmbird, a casual and creative chicken restaurant. Bistro Italiano is where you’ll want to go if you’re craving Italian food, Bistro Cacao for French bistro fare, and Café Berlin for hearty German food.

Stanton Park Neighborhood 6Shopping in Stanton Park

Stanton Park isn’t overloaded with shops, but what it does offer represents quality over quantity. Schneider’s of Capitol Hill has been one of the area’s most popular places for wine and spirits for ages. Another popular wine and spirits shop is Capitol Fine Wine and Spirits on H Street NE and Craft Beer Cellar DC is your complete resource for craft beers.

A closeup of a business front.

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North South Shopping Mall is located on 6th Street and the neighborhood has a few grocery and convenience stores to choose from, including Capitol Hill Supermarket, Adams Market, and Union Kitchen Grocery. There’s also a great music instrument store on the other side of 8th Street called Music on the Hill.

For a broader shopping experience, you’ll find plenty of places to peruse on the other side of H Street. You’ll find Fatty’s Tattoos & Piercings, a Whole Foods, The Daily Rider for bicycle accessories and repair, Solid State Books, Shoe City, men’s clothing at Stan’s, DTLR, and The C.A.T. Walk Boutique.

Stanton Park Neighborhood 7The Social Scene in Stanton Park

Stanton Park is home to a couple of cool late-night hangouts, where many people gather for after-work drinks. Union Pub is a popular shop thanks to its lengthy craft beer list, spacious patio, and delicious weekend brunch menu.

On H Street there’s The Big Board, a pub that specializes in high-concept drinks, craft beers, and inspired burgers. A little farther down H Street, you’ll find Dirty Waters Sports Bar, Dio Wine Bar, Duffy’s Irish Pub, and Nomad, a popular hookah bar.

Stanton Park Neighborhood 8Senior Living in Stanton Park

Stanton Park has a moderate senior population which is mostly due to the higher than average cost of living in this neighborhood. But for those seniors who do live here, they find Stanton Park to be very accommodating to their needs. BridgePoint Hospital Capitol Hill is in the southeastern corner of the neighborhood and just a short drive to the northeast is the Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Medical Center.

Stanton Park is also a very walkable neighborhood with almost every street lined with sidewalks, making it easy for seniors to go for walks. There’s also the Northeast Neighborhood Library to provide seniors with endless opportunities for free entertainment and resources.


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