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Trinidad Neighborhood 1 One of DC’s Fastest-Growing Neighborhoods

Trinidad today is far-removed from the Trinidad of 2008. In less than a decade, the neighborhood has essentially reinvented itself to become one of the fastest-growing in Washington D.C.

Sparked by affordable housing, investor activity, and the interest of young adults, Trinidad is now a vibrant and diverse working-class community. Trinidad is bordered by the H Street Corridor, Carver/Langston, Gallaudet University, and the United States National Arboretum.

Trinidad Neighborhood 2Home Ownership vs. Renting in Trinidad

There are more renters in Trinidad than there are homeowners. Approximately 59 percent of its population is made up of renters, and they’re paying a median rent of $1,062, which is considerably more affordable than most of Washington D.C. The median home value in Trinidad is $431,997, which has risen quite dramatically since 2010 when the median value was $225k. Trinidad’s housing stock largely consists of Victorian-style row-houses, federal and bungalow-style homes, condominiums, and a small selection of single-family detached homes.

Trinidad is on an upward trajectory, but it remains very affordable by D.C. standards. If you want to get in before prices skyrocket further, then now is the time to act.

Trinidad Neighborhood 3Trinidad Demographics

Trinidad is a very diverse community that has a balanced mix of the old and young. In recent years, young adults have been flocking to the neighborhood, causing people aged 25 to 34 to be the largest population group, accounting for 21 percent of the residents.

Two young girls playing on a sidewalk in front of row homes in Washington, D.C.

Via Amanda Voisard/ Washington Post

The neighborhood also has a mix of blue-collar and white-collar workers, with 61 percent of its adults having attended some college. Trinidad has more males than females by a ratio of 53 percent to 47 percent and the median household income in the neighborhood is $54,388.

Trinidad Neighborhood 4Transportation and Commuting in Trinidad

Trinidad is very well-served by bus lines, but it doesn’t have access to the Metrorail system. The bus routes in Trinidad include the D4, D8, 82, X3, E2, S41, and B2 lines, so no matter where you are in the neighborhood, you’re never more than a few blocks from a stop.

Trinidad has a walk score of 85, so most errands can be completed on foot. This, along with the large bus presence, means owning a car isn’t required in Trinidad, although by car is the most popular means of commuting here. Most parking in the neighborhood is on the street.

Trinidad Neighborhood 5Outdoor Activities in Trinidad

Trinidad is bordered on the east side by the United States National Arboretum, so residents don’t have to travel far if they want to enjoy nature at its finest. Meanwhile, much of the northern part of the neighborhood consists of Mt. Olivet Cemetery, which provides an introspective place to take a stroll.

In the southern part of Trinidad, Cole Spray Park offers some green space and playgrounds for children. It’s also home to the Joseph H. Cole Recreation Center, which provides the neighborhood youth with a gymnasium and indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

Trinidad Neighborhood 6Family-Friendly Trinidad

With children accounting for 13 percent of Trinidad’s population, the community provides them with the education and services they need to grow into outstanding and successful adults. There are several pre-kindergarten-through-eighth grade schools in Trinidad, including the Wheatley Education Campus, a public school on Neal Street, and the Center City PCS Trinidad Campus, a charter school on West Virginia Avenue, and the Fourwalls Career and Technical Education Center for teens and adults.

Along with the Joseph Cole Recreation Center, the neighborhood also has Trinidad Recreation Center, which helps provide the area children with a range of things to keep them busy and out of trouble.

Trinidad Neighborhood 7Restaurants and Bars in Trinidad

Trinidad is almost entirely residential, so it doesn’t have a large selection of restaurants and bars within its borders, but there are plenty of options just a short drive away. Along the H Street Corridor, your options are almost endless with popular mainstays like the German-inspired Biergarten Haus and Mediterranean restaurant, Sospeso. Creative farm-to-table dishes can be found a short walk west at Sally’s Middle Name and the Belgian restaurant, Granville Moore’s is not far past that.

For drinks, you’ll find a great beer selection at the casual Exhale Bar & Lounge in the southwest corner of Trinidad. There’s also a great pizza place, Sicilian Pizza, right next to the bar. For the best selection of watering holes, however, you’ll also want to travel to H Street. Here, you’ll find plenty of reliable options, including The Pursuit Wine Bar, Nomad, Avery’s Bar and Lounge, The Pug, and a classic British pub called The Queen Vic.

Trinidad Neighborhood 8Where to Shop in Trinidad

Trinidad’s shopping opportunities provide its residents with everything they need to enjoy living here, including convenience stores like Bodega Market on Florida Avenue, the Compact Supermarket on Montello Avenue, and the Northeast Supermarket on Mt. Olivet Road.

The neighborhood also has a well-known hat and women’s clothing shop, Mr. Pocketbook, the Bass and Treble electronics store, and W.S. Jenks & Son hardware store. Just southeast of Trinidad is the Hechinger Mall, where you can find a selection of retail outlets and of course, there’s all the stores on H Street for your perusal as well.

Trinidad Neighborhood 9Senior Living in Trinidad

In Trinidad, 30 percent of its residents are over the age of 55, with 17 percent older than 65. The neighborhood provides its older citizens with plenty of options and services to keep them active and satisfied. For those who are disabled or just need assistance, the D.C. Center-Independent Living high rise is there to support them and meet their needs.

Just southeast of the neighborhood along Benning Road there are family medical services, including Metro Medical Clinic, Family Practice Medical Services, and Agape Medical Service. There are also two Unity Health Care centers, one in Trinidad and the other in nearby Ivy City. There’s also a Minute Clinic in the CVS Pharmacy on Bladensburg Road.


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