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Truxton Circle Neighborhood 1 A Fast-Changing Community Loved by Renters and Renovators

Truxton Circle is a neighborhood that is amid an identity crisis of sorts. For starters, the circle for which it was once named is no longer there and the neighborhood itself is shaped like a triangle. Then there’s the fact that the neighborhood’s namesake, Thomas Truxtun, was a slave holder, so most residents actively refuse to call it that, instead choosing to call it either the Bates Area, East Shaw, or Dunbar Shaw.

But despite all this, the neighborhood is on a fast pace to becoming one of the best places to live in the District of Columbia.

Truxton Circle Neighborhood 2Home Ownership and Renting in Truxton Circle

Truxton Circle is overwhelmingly renter-friendly with renters making up 80 percent of its population. The median rent in this neighborhood is $2,056 per month, while the median home value is $626,425. Truxton Circle is filled with historic brick buildings that have been restored and converted into luxury condos and well-maintained, Victorian row homes.

An image of a street corner in Truxton Circle.

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Despite its name controversy, Truxton Circle gets a lot of things right. It’s a family friendly community with plenty of outdoor activities, a nice selection of restaurants and bars, and it’s very close to some of D.C.’s top attractions. If you’re planning a move to Washington and you want to be close to it all, then Truxton Circle is fast-becoming one of the area’s go-to neighborhoods.

Truxton Circle Neighborhood 3Truxton Circle Demographics

Truxton Circle’s population of 8,270 is highly educated, with 86 percent of adults having earned at least a bachelor’s degree. This is a very diverse community that contains more men (53 percent) than women (47 percent), and its growth is being driven by Millennials, who make up more than half of its residents.

Truxton Circle is an affluent community where the median household income is $106,691, although more than a third of its residents earn more than $150,000.

Truxton Circle Neighborhood 4Transportation, Parking, and Commuting in Truxton Circle

Public Transportation in Truxton Circle exists primarily along the neighborhood’s boundaries, namely Florida Avenue, New Jersey Avenue, Rhode Island Avenue, and New York Avenue. Bus lines serving these routes include the 96, 90, 92, X3, G8, and G9. Bus lines 80 and P6 are the only that run within the neighborhood’s borders and they only run north and south along North Capitol Street NE.

Zipcar is also available in Truxton Circle, however most residents choose to commute by car with parking largely taking place on the street.

Truxton Circle Neighborhood 5Outdoor Activities in Truxton Circle

Truxton Circle has a lot of parks where kids and adults alike can enjoy Washington’s pleasant weather. The Florida Avenue Playground is in the northern part of the neighborhood and it has green spaces, a playground, and an outdoor basketball court.

There’s also the New York Avenue Playground in the southwest part of Truxton Circle. The Dunbar Recreational Center is also here in addition to two outdoor basketball courts. Bundy Field is a soccer field just west of the neighborhood, and it has an attached dog park for outdoor fun with your pet.

Truxton Circle Neighborhood 6Where to Eat and Drink in Truxton Circle

Truxton Circle offers a nice blend of classic fast food restaurants and locally owned eateries. It has a Wendy’s, a McDonalds, and a Five Guys. But, for something a little more unique, there’s Full Yum Carry Out for quick Chinese food and pizza; ANXO Cidery & Pintxos Bar, a Basque restaurant serving artisan ciders, seafood, and steaks; and BKK Cookshop, where you can indulge in Thai noodle bowls, street food, and cocktails.

Korean wings are the specialty at KoChix Chicken on Florida Avenue and if you pass over Florida, you’ll find DCity Smokehouse, one of the hottest BBQ spots in the area. Extend your search beyond New York Avenue, and you’ll discover a whole other world of culinary options, like the Constitution Café, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, SEOULSPICE, and Roti Modern Mediterranean.

Truxton Circle also enjoys a good nightlife with several great bars in and around the neighborhood. In the northern part of the neighborhood, the Truxton Inn has long been a favorite watering hole. Wicked Bloom on Florida Avenue is one of the trendiest places with its BBQ snacks and whiskey drinks.

On North Capitol Street, The Pub & The People is an American tavern serving up gastropub fare and an excellent selection of spirits, while to the west of Truxton Circle, you’ll find several outstanding bars, including Dacha Beer Garden, The Passenger, Ivy and Coney, and the French wine bar, La Jambe.

Truxton Circle Neighborhood 7Things to See and Do In and Around Truxton Circle

Take a short drive along New York Avenue SW and you’ll find a lot of local attractions that you won’t want to miss. The Walter E. Washington Convention Center is there, along with Carnegie Library, Chinatown, Ford’s Theatre, Madame Tussauds, and The White House. A drive down 6th Street will take you to the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial and beyond that, the National Gallery of Art and all the wonders contained at the National Mall.

Truxton Circle Neighborhood 8Family-Friendly Truxton Circle

Truxton Circle is well-equipped to support its younger residents. It has several schools, most of which are located in the southeastern sector of the neighborhood. Dunbar High School, with its pre-engineering school, prepares teens for their future educational pursuits, while Margaret Murray Washington Vocational High School is there for teens who want to learn valuable job skills.

There are also a few charter schools in the community, including the Armstrong campus of Friendship Public Charter School and Mundo Verde Bilingual Public Charter School. Truxton Circle also has 7DrumCity, a popular local drum school for kids and adults wanting to learn how to play drums.

Truxton Circle Neighborhood 9Places of Worship in Truxton Circle

Truxton Circle has a deep-rooted religious community that is primarily Baptist. Locals have several options for worship in Truxton Circle, but Mt. Sinai Baptist Church is probably the most popular. Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church is another option as it’s just a short drive along Rhode Island Avenue.

Other places of worship within close proximity to Truxton Circle include All Souls House of Prayer, United House of Prayer for All, Holy Redeemer Hall, and Metropolitan Community Church of Washington DC.


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