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Washington Highlands Neighborhood 1 A Community on the Rebound

Washington Highlands is a large blue-collar neighborhood that’s east of Bellevue and south of Congress Heights. Its affordable rent and housing and its range of amenities make it popular among all ages and backgrounds. While Washington Highlands has seen its share of ups and downs, signs are indicating that this neighborhood is on the rebound and the sky’s the limit.

Washington Highlands Neighborhood 2Home Ownership and Renting in Washington Highlands

The affordable rent is one of the reasons why so many people rent their homes in Washington Highlands. The median rent is just $890 per month, which is lower than the national average. The average median home value in Washington Highlands is $204,980, and it is expected to rise as more and more investors and young professionals move in to further the neighborhood’s rebirth. The most popular home style is the federal design.

If you want to move to the D.C. area, but your budget is keeping you out of most neighborhoods, then Washington Highlands might be for you. Get in now and before you know it, you’ll be living in one of D.C.’s up and coming communities.

Washington Highlands Neighborhood 3Washington Highlands Demographics

Washington Highlands is 96 percent African-American, but as more and more Millennials enter the housing market here, the area is becoming more diverse. In fact, Millennials make up the largest adult population group here, accounting for 17 percent of the residents.

Women outnumber men in this neighborhood by a whopping 14 percent and 39 percent of those who live here have at least attended some college or earned their associate degree. The median household income for Washington Highlands is $32,785, but 17 percent of its residents earn at least $75,000.

Washington Highlands Neighborhood 4Getting Around Washington Highlands

Washington Highlands is very well-served by the city’s public transportation with several lines running throughout the neighborhood. The bus lines that pass through Washington Highlands include W2, W3, W1, A6, A7, A2, A8, A9, 33, 35, 37, and D12.

Sidewalks line the streets in Washington Highlands, but like this makes it a very walkable neighborhood, the amenities tend to be scattered apart, making it unlikely for you to be able to complete many errands on foot. Because of this, most residents use public transportation or their own vehicles. Few homes here have driveways, meaning most parking is on the street.

Washington Highlands Neighborhood 5Outdoor Activities in Washington Highlands

Washington Highlands is lucky in that it has green spaces along almost every border. Oxon Run Park is a huge park that borders the entire neighborhood on its western and southern edges. Then, it turns into the 126-acre urban park, the Oxon Run National Parkway which borders the neighborhood in the north. The park offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, jogging, bird watching, and other activities, and there’s also a playground for kids to enjoy.

On the east, Barnaby Run Park comes to rest along much of Washington Highlands. There are also green spaces at corner of Valley Ave. and 9th Street, and a baseball diamond at the Washington Highlands Recreation Center.

Washington Highlands Neighborhood 6Restaurants in Washington Highlands

Living in Washington Highlands places you close by some excellent restaurants and trendy bars. Harry’s Wings-N-Things is a local institution where you can get affordably priced comfort food. Just over the Maryland border you’ll find a nice selection of places to eat. Some of the favorites include the Asian restaurant, Lucky’s, the Latin-American LaCeiba, where you can get authentic Mexican and Guatemalan food, and Joy’s Kitchen, a cash-only comfort food take out restaurant.

West of Washington Highlands, you’ll find Chinese-American staples at Yum’s Carry Out, tasty vegan and vegetarian meals at Secrets of Nature Health Food Centers, and another Chinese restaurant that’s very popular with the late night crowd, Eddie Yum’s.

Washington Highlands Neighborhood 7Pet-Friendly Washington Highlands

With so much green space surrounding Washington Highlands and so many trails, the neighborhood is a great place to own a dog. Plus, most streets are lined with sidewalks, which makes walking your dog easier and safer. Many of the rentals in this community are accommodating to pets, although some may have size, weight, or breed restrictions.

If you own a dog and you live in Washington Highlands, you need to comply with D.C.’s dog laws which include always leashing your dog, picking up after her, and ensuring she is up to date on her shots.

Washington Highlands Neighborhood 8Family-Friendly Washington Highlands

A lot of the families in Washington Highlands have children. In fact, children aged 17 or younger make up 30 percent of its population. Luckily, the neighborhood offers plenty of resources for helping its younger residents gain the education and services they need to become productive members of society.

Closeup of child being pushed on a park swing.

In Washington Highlands, you’ll find the Kids Are US Learning Center Too, Kiddies Kollege, the Achievement Preparatory Academy, Hendley Elementary School, and Ingenuity Prep Public Charter School. The Children’s National Emergency Department at United Medical Center also sits right along the northeastern edge of the neighborhood.



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