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West Village Neighborhood 1Georgetown Living West of Wisconsin Ave

The West Village neighborhood, one half of the larger Georgetown neighborhood, is one of the absolute best places to live in all of Washington D.C. It’s got access to wonderful retail shopping, many of the city’s best restaurants, some great architecture, and so many other various amenities that many residents rarely feel the need to venture beyond greater Georgetown and adjacent downtown.

The division between the West and East Villages of Georgetown is Wisconsin Avenue, a North-South main street of sorts that cuts through the center of the neighborhood. Both Villages of Georgetown have a pretty strong urban feel with a healthy mix of coffee shops, park and green space access, little boutiques, and nightlife options for neighborhood and District residents to enjoy.

A wide shot of an intersection of the Georgetown neighborhood in D.C.

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This is a destination neighborhood for the District and the greater Washington  D.C. area as a whole. Georgetown, especially the West Village half of it, is one of the best urban neighborhoods in the entire US.

West Village Neighborhood 2West Village Home Ownership and Home Preference

Whether they live in a condo, a townhouse, or a single-family home, most West Village residents own their homes. 44 percent of Georgetown residents rent, and in West Village, this percentage is even higher due to the university. The rents, while somewhat higher than the national average at just under $1,700 a month, are on par or lower than they are in college districts in similar US cities. And, given everything that the West Village and Washington has to offer residents, rentals are a bargain. Tudor style homes are the most common in this neighborhood.

The median home value in Georgetown is just a little over $800,000. A large majority of the stand-alone homes and smaller buildings are beautiful examples of period architecture and, when you couple that with the location and everything the neighborhood has to offer residents, under a million dollars for a home seems quite reasonable.

West Village Neighborhood 3Commute Information: Work and School in West Village, DC

As mentioned above, Georgetown and neighboring Downtown Washington, when taken together, have so many amenities and such a great quality of urban life that many residents don’t ever really feel the need to leave. But for residents who must commute for school or work, getting from the West Village by car, transit, or even by bicycle is very quick and easy. The trip to downtown takes less than a half hour on foot, and considerably less time by car or public transit.

Commuting to Georgetown, Howard, or American University is quite easy as well. The Georgetown neighborhood taken as a whole enjoys a great walk score of 83, meaning that just about anything you need to do can be accomplished on foot; a very good transit score of 60; and very bikeable score of 73.

West Village Neighborhood 4West Village Outdoor Activities

Residents of the West Village that may be looking to get out-of-doors for a little recreation have many fantastic options. Green space for hiking, biking, and many other outdoor activities is available in the West Village or adjacent areas. More than half of the Georgetown Waterfront Park is in the southern part of neighborhood, and both it and the western section of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath intersects with Foundry Branch Valley Park, which provides access to a variety of connected green spaces and trails that go on for miles.

The West Village is also home to several other smaller parks, baseball fields and university green spaces. It’s also a terrific place to live for those that prefer to take their activities to the gym. The neighborhood is home to Foundation Fitness of Georgetown, as well as several workout and sport facilities on the Georgetown University campus.

West Village Neighborhood 5Is West Village Family Friendly?

The West Village is home to Georgetown University, which can be a bit of a mixed blessing for those looking to raise a family in the neighborhood. The university and the larger district surrounding it can be a little too oriented around the needs of college students for some parents. But, for those looking to enjoy all that a university district has to offer, it can be a terrific place to grow up or raise a family.

The crime rate in the area is one of the lowest in the city and many of the best schools in the city are located in and around the West Village of Georgetown. The neighborhood is home to Hardy Middle School, Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Holy Trinity School, the French Maternal School, Montessori School-Washington, and many other top-rated private and public institutions.

West Village Neighborhood 6The Social Scene in West Village

West Village is a college neighborhood, but the entire social scene in West Village does not revolve around Georgetown University. Thanks to the presence of one of the city’s most vibrant shopping and dining districts, the bar and club scene in the West Village is diverse. And for residents looking to get farther away from the university kids without leaving the area, there are many options just over Wisconsin Avenue in East Village.

The Tombs and Church Hall are the best places for college nightlife in West Village. And the cluster of bars surrounding lower Wisconsin, including The Sovereign, Ri Ra Georgetown, The Rye Bar, and Martin’s Tavern, provide neighborhood residents with options that don’t necessarily cater to younger folks.

West Village Neighborhood 7Is West Village a Place for Pet Lovers?

If you’re looking to relocate to the West Village with a dog or plan to get one once you’ve settled in, you’re in great shape. As mentioned above, there are miles and miles of interconnected trails that run along the Potomac and north into other adjacent areas to the West Village neighborhood. Also, one of the District’s few dog parks with an off-leash area is just a couple of blocks north of the neighborhood.

Francis Dog Park attracts dogs and their owners from all over the quadrant. Additionally, the West Village is home to many pet-oriented businesses, including Chichie’s Grooming Spa and a Petco. Residents of the West Village are wise to keep in mind that the District’s pet laws, governing leashes and the picking up of pet waste are severe and have large fines attached to them.

West Village Neighborhood 8Senior Living Options in West Village

The West Village isn’t just a terrific place for young adults and those with kids to live; it’s also a wonderful place to retire. Easy access to the University and all it has to offer, as well as proximity to health care and a world-class hospital are just two reasons why retirees and the elderly love to call Georgetown’s West Village home.

The neighborhood isn’t the best place for those who can’t abide the behavior of young people however. So, those seniors who need quiet may find better, more appropriate neighborhoods in other parts of the city. But, for those who want access to everything this fantastic neighborhood has to offer, as well as easy access to the national institutions just a short trip away, the West Village is something like a senior’s paradise.

The West Village and the surrounding area has lots of terrific senior communities, where retirees live either independently or with some assistance in places like the James Building for Senior Citizens and The Residences at Thomas Circle. There are also several neighborhood-based nonprofit centers in the areas surrounding West Village that provide activities and social opportunities for seniors from all over the Washington area. This includes places like Emmaus Services for the Aging, The Seniors Center, and Senior Living Foundation.

West Village Neighborhood 9Culture & Arts in West Village

The greater Georgetown neighborhood, including West Village, have a great mix of museums, performance venues, galleries, and other cultural attractions. Additionally, the world-class museums and performance venues of downtown Washington and the National Mall are less than twenty minutes away.

Within the neighborhood itself, standout arts institutions include the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, the Art Deco Society of Washington, the Halcyon Arts Lab, the Fillmore Arts Center, the Gonda Theatre and Department of Performing Arts on the Georgetown University campus. There are also multiple art studios and galleries strung along Wisconsin Avenue through the center of the neighborhood.

West Village Neighborhood 10West Village Foodie Rating

Just like the bar scene in West Village, the restaurant scene in this neighborhood and across greater Georgetown is nearly unparalleled in the city. While many of the restaurants that Georgetown is known for are located in West Village, the East Village’s restaurants are worth a trip from anywhere in the larger Washington area, in and of themselves.

Standouts in the West Village include the classic American food at Clyde’s of Georgetown, the French bistro fare served Bistro Lepic, and the many international restaurants that cater to college kids on a budget — Cafe Divan for Turkish, Simply Banh Mi for Vietnamese sandwiches, Zannchi for Korean, and more.

West Village Neighborhood 11Shopaholic Opportunities in West Village

The West Village is as close to a shopper’s paradise as you are likely to find in the District. It has the Washington Harbour mall at one end, and Georgetown Park at the other. Many other neighborhood boutiques also stretch along Wisconsin Avenue. People come from throughout the region and from across the world to shop, eat, and have a good time in the West Village of Georgetown, but the shopping is technically what brings them here.


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