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Woodley Park Neighborhood 1 A Hip, Upscale Neighborhood Next to the Zoo

Woodley Park was once one of the few upscale neighborhoods where wealthy 19th century Washingtonians would flock to in the summer months. It was beloved for its vast green spaces and shady trees. Today, the neighborhood is popular among college-educated young professionals, with plenty of restaurants, bars, and attractions to keep them happy. And, with Woodley Park bordered by the National Zoo, Klingle Valley Park, and Normanstone Park, it’s still one of the parts of D.C. where green spaces are in rich supply.

Woodley Park Neighborhood 2Home Ownership and Renting in Woodley Park

Housing in Woodley Park depends on where you’re in the neighborhood. In the northwest and along the west side, you’ll find communities filled with single-family detached homes. Closer to the center and east, row homes and condos make up most of the homes. Even with the large number of single-family homes in Woodley Park, 66 percent of residents choose to rent their homes. The Italianate, federal, contemporary, and Tudor-style homes are the most popular here.

The median rent in Woodley Park is $1,880 per month and the median home value is $938,232. It’s not rare to see homes listed here well over a million dollars. If you want to live in an affluent neighborhood that feels like you’re living in a small town instead of a large city, then Woodley Park will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Woodley Park Neighborhood 3Woodley Park Demographics

Woodley Park’s residents are highly-educated, with 90 percent of them having earned at least a bachelor’s degree. Women outnumber men here by eight percent. While the age groups are all well-represented here, Millennials make up the largest section, accounting for 30 percent of its residents. Seniors make up 15 percent of Woodley Park, so the neighborhood is popular among those over 65. The median household income in Woodley Park is $122,432, but 39 percent of its working adults earn more than $150,000 per year.

Woodley Park Neighborhood 4Getting Around Woodley Park

Woodley Park is served by Metrorail’s Red line as well as several bus lines, including the L1, L2, H2/H3/H4, and 96 lines. The neighborhood is popular among those who like to walk or bike, and with high scores on both ends (72 walk score,74 bike score), getting around is easy.

In fact, most errands can be completed either by foot or on bike, so owning a car isn’t required if you want to live here. This is even more the case with the range of public transit options in this neighborhood. Parking depends on where you live in Woodley Park as most single-family homes have driveways while parking for condos is mostly on the street.

Woodley Park Neighborhood 5Restaurants and Bars in Woodley Park

Woodley Park is a community where once a restaurant or bar sets down roots, it tends to stay. As a result, most of the eateries and watering holes in this neighborhood are long-time stalwarts. Along Connecticut Avenue, you’ll find Duke’s Counter and LiLLiES Restaurant & Bar. The former is a gastropub that serves modern British food, while the latter is a casual Italian restaurant next to the Zoo.

Farther down Connecticut Avenue closer to the Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan Metro Station, you’ll discover an incredible array of international restaurants vying for your taste buds, including the bi-level French bistro Petits Plats, the Lebanese Taverna, the Afghan Grill (kebabs and Afghan dishes), Nando’s PERi-PERi (Afro-Portuguese), and Rajaji Curry House (Indian food). The Stone’s Throw Restaurant and Bar inside the Washington Marriott Wardman Park is another popular food and drink destination in Woodley Park.

The southeastern part of Woodley Park is also where you’ll find its best selection of bars. The Gin Joint/Babinga Bar is a local favorite on Calvert Street. On Connecticut Avenue there’s Macintyre’s Pub, a long-standing institution and sports bar. The Lobby Bar in the Marriott hotel is also a popular nightlife hot spot.

Woodley Park Neighborhood 6Outdoor Activities in Woodley Park

The abundance of green spaces surrounding Woodley Park make it ideal for those who love spending time outdoors. In the northern part of the neighborhood is Woodley Playground with the Tregaron Conservancy behind it. In the Conservancy, you’ll have access to miles of trails, streams, and meadows. The Conservancy is pedestrian-only, so no bikes or horses are allowed. Dogs are allowed, but they’re always required to be leashed.

In the southwest corner of Woodley Park is another large wooded area called Woodland-Normanstone Terrace Park. On the other side of the park is the Khalil Gibran Memorial. Along the southeast edge of the neighborhood runs Rock Creek and of course, Rock Creek Trail. The Rock Creek Trail Exercise Course is also found here.

Then there’s the Smithsonian National Zoological Park that borders up against Woodley Park on the east and all the sights and sounds it contains.

Woodley Park Neighborhood 7Things to See and Do In and Around Woodley Park

While Woodley Park is home to the National Zoo, it’s in no way the only thing to see or do around the neighborhood. There’s the iconic wall mural of Marilyn Monroe on a building at the corner of Connecticut Avenue NW and Calvert Road NW. Woodley Park also has a restored 1936 Art Deco-style movie theater, the Uptown Theater, which presents its movies on a massive 70-foot-by-40-foot curved screen.

A wide shot overlooking Woodley Park's Marilyn Monroe mural.

You can also enjoy a spa day at the Omni Shoreham Spa, located inside the Omni Shoreham Hotel. There’s also plenty of eclectic shopping opportunities in Woodley Park, like Adler & Robin Books, Inc., Allan Woods Flowers, DC Glass Gallery & Head Shop, and India Art & Craft clothing store.

Woodley Park Neighborhood 8Family-Friendly Woodley Park

As home to the Embassy of Switzerland, Woodley Park is a very safe neighborhood where families can enjoy growing up in comfort. The neighborhood is also home to the prestigious and private Maret School, which is located right next to the Embassy.

Meanwhile, in the southwest corner of Woodley Park is Oyster-Adams Bilingual School, a dual-language school that has been serving local families for over 40 years. Aidan Montessori School is also here, where it provides the foundations of education to toddlers aged 18 months to sixth grade. The neighborhood even has a cooking school called Just Simply… Cuisine for those wanting to pursue a career in food.





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